Mar 18 2015

Pesto Margarita Bagel Pizza

Hi friends! Just dropping in real quick to share a quick and delicious recipe.  I bet you even have most of the ingredients.  These pesto margarita bagel pizzas are perfect for lunch or dinner!  This would be a fun meal […]

Mar 16 2015

Mommy Monday-Spring Planting Activities for Kids

Well, it is definitely feeling like spring around here!  I am loving the warm temps and sunshine!  One of the things I love about spring time is seeing things come back to life in my yard.  I love working in […]

Mar 12 2015

Grandma Mary’s Tacos

The other night we went to my mom’s house for dinner.  The night before she had asked for any dinner requests; my husband immediately shouted out Grandma Mary’s Tacos!  My Grandma Mary was the best grandma one could ever hope […]

Mar 11 2015

Yummy Zucchini Bread

I have been craving baked goods like no other lately!  I’m just not super into doing the baking 😉  Last weekend, I decided to go for it and I made my mom’s yummy zucchini bread to satisfy my craving and […]

Mar 9 2015

Mommy Monday: St. Patrick’s Day Fun For Kids

Today I want to share some easy projects you can do with your kiddos for a little St. Patrick’s Day Fun: 1.  Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt– When I taught third grade I would do this every year and the kids loved […]

Mar 2 2015

Mommy Monday: DIY Rainbow Counting Book

I have been in clean out mode lately!  Trying to get rid of stuff and organize!  Anyone else with me?  While I was cleaning I came across some assignments that were art projects I did while taking a class in […]

Feb 25 2015

Being Vulnerable

Wow, I had no idea that my post on Monday would touch so many.  Thank you all for your kind words in the comments, texts, and on Facebook.  I was so moved by the love and support from family, friends, and […]

Feb 23 2015

Mommy Monday: Beauty From Ashes

So, you know when you are young and your parents constantly say, “Be careful,”  “Call me when you get there,” “drive safe” or check on you when you are out or wait up for you to get home at night?  […]

Feb 20 2015

The Rancho Bernardo Inn

I have been wanting to stay at the Rancho Bernardo Inn ever since I laid eyes on it, so I was so honored to be chosen as the December 2014 #INNfluencer for the RB Inn.  It is a hidden gem […]

Feb 18 2015

Open Frame Gallery Wall

Good Morning! Today I want to show you a simple open frame gallery wall project that I did in our Master Bedroom.  A couple years ago I saw these cute open picture frames at Hobby Lobby and I knew that […]