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Oct 10 2013

Embrace the Camera Challenge Day 3

There is always “stuff” to do around my house and it seems like the list just keeps growing.  Now that I have an almost one year old the house is never really clean.  My husband and I are relatively “neat” people and most people would probably describe our house as clean when they come over (That’s just because I do a mad dash right before they come over and I’m really good at the five minute pick up!)  I just pray that they don’t look too close at the broccoli all over my kitchen floor or the crumbs smashed into the carpet or the dishes piled up hidden in the sink.   My days are filled, like many of you, with doing stuff; picking up after my little one, trying to keep the house picked up, washing dishes and washing dishes again (seriously, I think I do dishes like 3 times a day!), cooking, laundry, etc.  I like to be productive.  In fact, one of my strengths is Achiever.  I find a lot of satisfaction in getting things done.  I’ve been challenged lately to slow down and enjoy life with my little guy.  I want to slow down and make memories, to take in and capture the everyday moments we have together.  I want Luke to look back at pictures and see me in them having a great time with him.  The dishes and laundry will always be there, but my sweet boy will only be little for so long.

Meals can be a stressful thing for me.  Figuring our what to make, making it with a fussing baby who just wants to be held, then feeding the fussy baby who throws most of it on the floor, and then scarfing down my own food so that I can attend to the still fussing baby :)  I was reminded on Sunday that meals times are a great way to stop and rest and enjoy a meal with those you love.

For day 3 of the Embrace the Camera challenge by Under The Sycamore and The Anderson Crew the prompt was Everyday Moment.  I chose sharing a meal with my son.  I chose to not let it get me stressed or flustered and embraced the moment.  I am very aware that these times of him sitting in his high chair needing me to feed him will soon be just memories.  I want to enjoy these everyday moments with him and remember them through sweet pictures of us.


Hope you have a great Thursday!

Signature - Marissa


Oct 8 2013

Embrace the Camera Challenge

Hi Everyone!

So, this week I’m participating in Under the Sycamore’s Embrace the Camera Challenge.  Alisa and I have been following Ashley Ann’s blog for years now and we are HUGE fans.  I love everything she does and it’s clear she loves the Lord and loves her family.  I am inspired by reading her posts each day.  I think what I really appreciate about Ashley is how she is honest and real.  I’ve been challenged with this lately.  Sometimes I feel the pressure of trying to have it all together, to look a certain way, to have the house looking a certain way…  Is anyone with me in this?  Majority of the days I don’t wear makeup, I throw my wet hair up into a messy bun, and I’m usually in my favorite pair of jeans and a comfy t-shirt.  I often avoid the camera on these days.  It’s my own insecurities about what people will think of me I guess.  I don’t want to be this way and I have an amazing family and wonderful friends that I know love me no matter what. I want my son to look back and see me in the pictures with him enjoying our life together.  So, I am taking part in the Embrace the Camera Challenge.  Here is a picture of Luke and me (no makeup, messy bun and all!) taking part in yesterday’s challenge: Smiles


There is something freeing about letting go of trying to be perfect and just being real with people.

Today’s theme is Making Memories.  One of my favorite times with Luke is in the mornings, in our pajamas when I am reading to him.  Normally, I would not get my picture taken in my pajamas, but I want Luke to remember these times with his Mommy.

embrace the camera reading 3

Go follow me on Instagram @marissaramsland to see the pictures I will be posting each day for the challenge.  Join me in the challenge!  I would love to see your pictures too!  If you post, use the hashtag #embracethecamera.  Go out there and Embrace the Camera and let us know if you do!

Signature - Marissa

Sep 25 2013

Welcome to All In Good Twine!

Welcome to our blog!  We are excited to start this journey together.  Read more about us and our blog below.  Be sure to check out our shop  We are just getting started, but have lots of things in store (no pun intended).  Check back often for new items.  Thanks for stopping by!


About the Blog:

Hi we are Marissa & Alisa (formerly known as the Elliott Girls, but now we are married)!  We are sisters and best friends and this is our place to be creative together.   This blog is our journey through the seasons of life as we live it a distance apart enjoying the simple things in life.  While “Not every day is a good day, there is good in every day.”

What’s In A Name?

Our mom used to say, “If you always get what you want, when you want it, you will have nothing to look forward to”.  Life can be hard, busy and beautiful all at the same time and we know all too well that this too shall pass.  Whether or not life is going your way, know that things will happen all in good time!  “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:1.

About Marissa:

Hi my name is Marissa and I’m a recovering perfectionist.  I am a former teacher turned mommy.  My husband says my class size is just smaller.  I love all things vintage, pumpkin spice lattes, and Weinershnitzl (yes, you read that right and I’m not ashamed)!  Flowers and anything washi taped make me happy and I might be just a little obsessed with Instagram.

About Alisa:

Hi my name is Alisa and I am a perfectionist and I can’t help it (maybe it’s the OCD in me)!  I am an executive assistant with hopes of being a stay at home mom someday when I have kids.  I love iced hazelnut lattes, holidays, traditions and anything twined.  I get excited about little things like Pottery Barn catalogs in the mail, the first day of fall, and when my husband surprises me with donuts on Saturday morning.