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Sep 28 2015

Gender Reveal Party

Back at the end of August we had a little gender reveal party.  We kept it really simple, but it was so much fun!  We had my family and Todd’s family over to my mom’s house for the celebration.  The week prior I put together a few decorations to make it fun and festive.  Whenever I’m out and about and see fun party supplies (like straws, napkins, plates, ribbon, scrapbook paper, etc.) on sale I toss them in my cart, so I had nearly everything I used in my party supply cabinet.  The only thing I purchased was tissue paper for the tissue pom poms I made and flowers from Trader Joe’s.  I highly recommend starting a little party supply stash; it makes it so easy and inexpensive to throw together a last minute get together!

We started the afternoon with some refreshing lemonade, iced tea and yummy appetizer’s my mom made.



When everyone arrived we did the reveal, because we just couldn’t wait any longer!  We went around and asked everyone’s predictions and passed out these “g” and “b” tags I made with my Cricut machine.  Everyone wrote their name on the back of the tag.  I plan to keep them for the baby’s memory box.  It will be fun to remember who guessed what!  We started with my 2 1/2 year old nephew (Marissa’s little guy).  He said “It’s a girl!” He then went around to everyone asking what they thought the gender was.  Every time he got to someone who thought it was a boy he said very adamantly, “No, it’s a girl!”  It was so funny and made me a little nervous for how he might react if it didn’t end up being a girl!  His little sister (my niece!) was born just a month prior, so I think he equates babies with girls!

gender predictions


As you can see the majority of our family predicted a girl…Girl-9 and Boy-3


Three days prior to the party, we had our ultrasound.  We had decided that we wanted to find out the gender with our family at the gender reveal party, so we had the ultrasound technician put the gender in a sealed envelope.  I gave the envelope to my brother so he and his girlfriend could make a poster announcing the gender.  They did such a great job!


It’s a GIRL!


Love this photo of my nephew running over to join in on the fun!  I think he was confirming that it was in fact a girl 😉 !

the reveal 2

After the reveal we had Italian take-out from our favorite local restaurant (simple and easy!) and my mom made a delicious salad to go with it.  We had planned to have dinner outside, but that weekend was SO hot!  We ended up eating inside, but sat on the patio for dessert when it got a little cooler.  I used scrapbook paper as place mats and made simple floral centerpieces in mason jars with bundles of flowers I bought from Trader Joe’s.  Forgive the grainy quality of the phone pictures, I didn’t have much light to work with!


table decor

My mother-in-law made her Jell-O pudding cake.  It was so light and refreshing and tasted so good on a hot day!  The color of the cake worked out perfectly!


candle light

We sat around candle light eating our dessert talking about girl names, nursery ideas, etc.  It was such a fun day and it made it so much more real knowing in a few short months we will be having a girl!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and hope you have a great week!

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Jan 29 2015

Super Bowl Sunday: Game Day Food

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend!  Our house is rooting for our Seattle Seahawks again!  While I enjoy watching the game and the commercials, the food is my favorite part!  Who’s with me?  I thought I’d share some game day food recipes with you to give you ideas if you are hosting or attending a Super Bowl party.  To get the recipes to these yummy dishes below, simply click on the picture and it will take you to that post!

Main Dishes

No Bean Chili

Marinated Steak Tacos

Delicious Green Enchiladas

Appetizers & Sides

Artichoke Dip


Chicken Salad Appetizers

Stove Top Baked Beans

What are some of your favorite game day foods?  Let us know if you make any of the recipes shown above and tell us what you thought!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Jan 5 2015

Mommy Monday: Kid’s Train Birthday Party + party planning tips

Hi Friends!!

It’s been a LONG time!  We took a bit of a break but we are back!!  We missed you all!  Today I wanted to share with you my son’s train birthday party (yep, it was in October and I’m just now getting around to posting about it…better late than never, right?).  I also wanted to share some tips that have helped me when party planning to simplify and get the most out of the money you spend.  My little guy loves trains so we went with that theme this year.  I started the party planning and prep a little later than I normally do which caused me to simplify a bit.  Plus I had A LOT of help from my mom and sister!

train party 09


My husband helped me make the railroad crossing signs.  Super easy and cheap.  A couple cuts, nails, paint, and letters modge podged on and done!

train party 10


The birthday boy loved the train theme and eagerly awaited his guests!

train party 12


I kept the decor pretty simple and used tissue pom poms, crepe paper and circle garland to add some color.


train party 01


train party 08


train party 20


I didn’t plan any games because the kiddos are still pretty small.  I had some train coloring sheets for them to do, but mostly they ran around outside.

train party 06

train party 07


We ate outside on long tables family style.  I kept it pretty simple with white table cloths, burlap runners, sunflowers, lanterns and some toy trains that my Great uncle Roger made…I loved incorporating those into the party!


train party 25


train party 23


For food we had pulled pork sandwiches (super easy in the crock pot!) and sides to go with it.  Thanks to my mom who did all the cooking!  We had a “fueling station” for guests to snack on.  That was a big hit with the kiddos!


train party 18


train party 19


train party 27


My mom made this adorable train cake that the birthday boy went nuts over!

train party 21


train party 37


train party 38


The kids had a blast together!  So grateful for wonderful friends and family who made the day extra special!

train party 34


train party 33


train party 30


train party 31


For party favors, we gave away little bubbles with an adorable tag that my sister made!

train party 03


train party 04


It was such a great day.  The birthday boy had so much fun!  I still can’t believe he is two!

train party 35

train party 39

Tried and True Tips:

-Find a theme that your child likes.  It will make him/her excited and the ideas will come more naturally to you since it’s an interest of your child’s.  I was also able to use a lot of things we already had around the house like my son’s train for the wreath and other trains for table decor.

-Pinterest is your best friend when you are party planning!  Create a board for the party and pin away.  Come back to it for tutorials and source lists.

-Keep the guest list small.  Invite just a few families of kiddos the same age.  It cuts down on the amount of food and supplies you need and I found that it gave me more quality time enjoying my guests.  If the guest list is too large I end up feeling like all I did was run around hosting and I didn’t get to connect with everyone.

-Keep the menu simple.  We chose pulled pork sandwiches because we could buy the meat in bulk and then put it in the crock pot…super easy!  It was filling and yummy!  Add a few sides and you are set!

-Use things around the house for decor.  You probably already have things you can use that will go with your theme.

-To save on money borrow things from friends and offer them to do the same.  I had been looking for red lanterns to buy, but borrowed them from my friend, Jennie, and saved myself some money!

-Use paper and fabric for lots of decor ideas.  It’s a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck!  It’s amazing what you can do with a yard of fabric.  I love making the pennant banners.  They add great color and are so festive.  With a coupon you can get some fabric for $3/yard or maybe even cheaper!  Scrapbook paper can also go a long way.  I use it for banners, circle garland as well as extra color on tables for runners and/or place mats.  Crepe paper is inexpensive (try the 99 cent store) and can add a lot to your decor.

-After the party if you don’t know what to do with the party decor and don’t think you will resuse it, try selling it to your friends on Facebook or other places.  You can create more space in your garage and get back some of the money you spent on the party.  Someone else will appreciate not having to do all the work too!  It’s a win win!

Are you planning any parties coming up?  I hope some of these tips will help make it less stressful and easier on your wallet so that you can enjoy the company of your guests!

For more ideas on parties you can click around below:

I’m linking up with Bloom Designs Online.  Have a great week!

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Nov 19 2014

Chalk Markers by Chalk This Way

Our obsession with chalkboards started as little girls, as we played school together taking turns as teachers writing lessons on the chalkboard.  Combined it is safe to say that we have over 10 chalkboards displayed in our homes!  When we were contacted by Chalk This Way to review their Brilliant Bold and Earthy chalk markers, we knew it was the perfect fit!  Some of our favorite seasonal, party and entertaining decor are chalkboard signs written with chalk markers.  Chalkboard signs are inexpensive, can be re-used for multiple events and the best part is you can personalize messages to fit the occasion.

Brilliant Bold Colors

Earthy Colors

It is really great to be able to buy one pack with so many color options and they are competitive in price with local craft stores!  You can even save money when buying multiple packs!  One thing we really love about the Chalk This Way chalk markers as opposed to some other brands we have used is that the ink really looks chalky and not just like a marker.  It looks more authentic on your chalkboard.  We also found that these markers had low odor; you aren’t breathing in heavy fumes during normal use.

We really like the soft muted tones of the Earthy set.  We haven’t seen chalk markers in these colors before.  They would be perfect for fall party or wedding signage.  They are a bit more elegant than your classic colors.  Two of our favorites from this pack is the deep cranberry and sage green (they don’t name their colors, but that is how we would describe them :) ).  Can’t wait to use them for Christmas signage this season.  The Brilliant Bold colors give a nice pop of color for birthday parties or holidays.  The classic white chalk marker came in both sets, which we loved because we tend to use that color the most.  These sets would be a great gift for the crafters in your life!  With Christmas right around the corner these would be perfect stocking stuffers!

Tried and True Tips:

  • Make sure you shake the markers REALLY well before using them.  If you don’t, it will come out as just greasy wet with no color.  Always shake with the lid on!
  • You have to push the tip into paper several times to get the color to drop down into the tip.  Try to push more on the back of the tip instead of the front so that the tip doesn’t get smashed.
  • Make sure to test markers on surface before use.  They are not recommended on porous surfaces.  (If you use them and something porous and it doesn’t come off you can just re-paint the surface with chalkboard spray paint)
  • The markers come off better with water when you don’t wait too long to wipe it off.  Directions say you can also erase with ammonia based cleaner.
  • Don’t push tips too hard when writing.  This will smash the tip.  To get more color to the tip of your marker, shake every now and again in between writing your message.  Again make sure to shake when the lid is on!

Check out some of the ways we used Chalk This Way chalk markers.  You will see, the possibilities are truly endless!  You can use these markers on chalkboards (including slate chalkboards), glass, plastics, mirrors, ceramics, metals and other hard non porous surfaces.  

Seasonal signage and decor.  The chalk markers worked really well on this slate chalkboard and cleaned very easily with a wet cloth.

Slate Chalkboard

Make signs for different activity stations at parties like we did here at our Fall Festival:

pumpkin carving

Parties galore!  The possibilities are endless with this one.  You could make chalkboard place-mats and let kids (and adults!) doodle.  Or you could write out your menu or make chalkboard labels for food like Alisa did here for her husband’s 30th birthday party:

Menu & Food Labels

Marissa used the chalk markers to make a wreath to welcome guests to her son’s 2nd birthday party.


Monthly baby updates and yearly milestones: I (Marissa) took a picture of my little man each month for the first year with a chalkboard behind him documenting milestones.  You could also do this with Baby bump pictures while you are pregnant documenting the weeks.  I had a lot of fun doing this chalkboard for my son’s second birthday!

b-day sign 2

B-day sign

Leave messages or encouraging notes on your bathroom mirror for your spouse to read in the morning.  This is sure to brighten their day! The chalk markers work great on mirrors.  They wipe off REALLY easy on mirrors with glass cleaner.

Notes on Mirror

Here are some other ways that you could use the markers for different projects:

  • Signs for weddings…all things weddings really anything from seating charts to menus to signage on tables.
  • You can show team pride by writing messages on your car (always test on a small area first!) like “Go Wildcats!” or “Great job Kelsey!”
  • Use all the different colors on a black board instead of just plain old boring white when teaching or explaining things to your kiddos.
  • Decorate your windows with your kids for the holidays by drawing fun pictures for the season.
  • Label glazed pots with plant or herb names.

Be sure to check out other products by Chalk This Way like their Self-Adhesive Removable Chalkboard Labels.

Thank you Chalk This Way for providing us with the chalk markers!  As always, all ideas and opinions are our own.


Sep 27 2014

Our Wedding: Part 2

Happy 1st Saturday of fall!

Yesterday my husband Todd and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!  If you missed yesterday’s post you can check out Part 1 where I shared some details of our wedding ceremony.  Today I’ll share some photos and details of our wedding reception.  The beautiful photos were taken by Jen Disney Photography.  You can see some of our engagement photos and more of our wedding photos in the gallery section of her website.  You may even see a few photos of Marissa and Mark’s beautiful wedding!  If you are looking for a photographer in the Southern California area I highly recommend Jen!

It was a perfect fall day (a little hot) but the weather was perfect in the evening.  I honestly could not have dreamed of a better day.  I have to thank my parents for such a beautiful event, especially for my mom who put a lot of time and effort into helping me plan.  Thanks to my family and friends who helped me set up!  Let me tell you from experience that you can have a beautiful wedding FAR below the cost of what they say is the “average” cost for a wedding.  You just have to get creative and put your money towards things with the biggest impact!  Everything went off  without a hitch thanks to our day-of coordinator Lana Meadows with Lana Meadows Events.  She made sure everything ran smoothly that day and really went above and beyond!

The Location

What if I told you that our reception was at the office building where my mom works…the images that come to your mind would probably not be what you would consider ideal for a wedding!  When I would tell family and friends where we were having the reception they politely said “Oh, that sounds nice”.  When they got to the reception everyone was blown away with the location.

Mason jars filled with flowers hung from Shepard hooks lined the path that led guests to the reception area.  (I have to give a shout out to my mom’s friend Michelle who put the flower arrangements in the mason jars together.)  The tables were set up in the beautiful courtyard next to a small waterfall.

Welcome path

Reception Tables


Reception Area

The dance floor was set up in the small amphitheater next to the courtyard.  Guests could sit at cafe tables or on the steps of the amphitheater if they wanted to take a break from dancing.

Dance Floor

The Details

As I mentioned yesterday I knew I always wanted a fall wedding.  That was the jumping off point for  wedding colors and decor.  We chose warm and bright fall colors; green, orange, brown, burgundy.  We used apples as decor throughout the wedding.  The funny thing is that a couple years after our wedding Marissa was reading a book about Johnny Appleseed to her class and she realized that our wedding date was the same date as Johnny Appleseed’s birthday!  This was a total coincidence…I had no idea when I was planning our wedding!

Reception Details

For the centerpieces we chose to do half the tables with flowers and the other half with glass vases  filled with apples.  I found the vases at HomeGoods.  This was a real cost saver as floral centerpieces can be quite expensive.  I made the table numbers with scrapbook paper and elegant ribbon which matched our wedding programs I showed you in yesterday’s post.  For the tables where kids were sitting I filled bushel baskets (similar to the ones I used here and here) with snacks and activities to keep the kids entertained.

We gave caramel apples away as wedding favors.  I ordered them online from Daffy Apples.  They were delivered right on time and were really fresh!  Two nights before the wedding we had a packaging party with my family and Aunt & Uncle.  I could not have packaged those all by myself!  A little story behind the caramel apple: Todd asked me out on our first date on Halloween night October 2005.  He was working at Starbucks and had to work Halloween night, so I brought him a caramel apple as a little treat he could eat on his break.  We now enjoy one every anniversary for dessert!


Lana Meadows made the beautiful fabric backdrop behind our head table and added the beautiful fabric touches to the head table and cake table.  I hadn’t actually planned much for the head table other than a few flowers.  This is why I say that Lana went above and beyond!  She has an eye for detail.  I couldn’t be happier with how the it turned out and the backdrop looked so much more elegant in photos than the glass doors behind them.

Head Table

This really cool dance floor structure was made by my mom’s friends’s daughter and her husband which they used for their wedding a few months earlier…I wish I was that handy!  We had twinkle lights and paper lanterns strung across the dance floor (thanks for family friends Bob, Randy and Keith..probably others too for putting them up).  Apples and burlap were arranged in the bases of the structure.  I purchased outdoor pillows that coordinated with our wedding colors for the amphitheater steps so people could sit and relax.

Dance Floor 2

The Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance

 The Wedding Party

Wedding Party

My sweet flower girls!  We found their dresses at TJ Maxx…my mom and I hit the jackpot and were so excited when we found them.  They were the same ivory color as the sash on my wedding dress.  When I asked them to be my flower girls I looked online for a cute flower girls book, but they were all really expensive.  So, I made my own little book describing all of the fun things that flower girls get to do at the wedding.  I wish I had taken  pictures of it!

Flower Girls


So many heartfelt well wishes and memories shared in the toasts by my dad, my sister and Todd’s best man Nate!


The Food

Light appetizers of salami, cheese, crackers, veggies and spicy sausage were served to guests as they waited for the wedding party to arrive.  Cold lemonade and iced tea tasted refreshing on this hot September day.

For dinner we had a made to order pasta bar.  Guests could choose their pasta sauce: pesto, marinara, alfredo, pink sauce or a simple olive oil and garlic.  There were several choices of meat like chicken, shrimp or spicy sausage.  Finally they could choose from a variety of vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions.  Salad and bread accompanied the pasts.  Everyone raved about the food and were able to go back for seconds…some even thirds!

Pasta Bar

Cake Cutting

The talented Jillian Witt of Sensational Cakes made our beautiful wedding cake.  The top layer and an extra sheet cake was lemon cream cheese and the bottom two layers had fresh strawberry filling.  It was delicious!  When planning the wedding I couldn’t believe that how a wedding cake was.  Some places were charging over $5.00 per person/slice.  We were referred to Jillian by one of my dad’s co-workers and her prices were very reasonable.  I’ve since used her for other events.

Cake Cutting

First Dance

We danced to Joshua Radin’s “Id Rather Be With You”

First Dance

First Dance 2

Father Daughter Dance

My dad and I danced to “What a Wonderful World”.  So glad I have this memory of us dancing together!

Father Daughter Dance

Mother Son Dance

Todd and his mom danced to “I Hope You Dance”.  Love that song and this photo of them dancing with all the twinkly lights behind them!

Mother Son Sance


Everyone had a really fun time dancing under the lanterns and twinkle lights.  Guests could get coffee and other hot beverages from the coffee station to enjoy with their cake as they watched people dancing.  Love the soft romantic glow that the lights gave off in the evening.


Dancing 3

Twinkle Lights

Bouquet & Garter Toss

Marissa, my Maid of Honor (and sister!) caught the bouquet!  I just love how that turned out!  Todd’s best Man Nate caught the garter!  I actually wore 2 garters, because I wanted one to toss and one to keep.  One was also my “something blue”.

Bouquet and Garter

Several months later Marissa got engaged to her wonderful husband Mark and they married the following July.  She’ll have to share her wedding photos with you on their 5th year anniversary next year!

Marissa and Mark

The Getaway!

For our honeymoon we went up the California coast…one of our favorite vacation places.

The Get Away


Lana Meadow’s EventsJen Disney PhotographyM’s Flowers | Mike Wandrey Entertainment | Lascari’s Italian Restaurant | Sensational Cakes | Create A Party Rentals

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!!  Hope you enjoyed.  Have a wonderful weekend…what are you all up to?

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Sep 26 2014

Our Wedding: Part 1

First off thank you for your sweet comments yesterday…you guys are amazing!  There is still time to enter in the giveaway if you haven’t already done so.  The giveaway closes Sunday night.

Today is our wedding anniversary so I thought it would be fun to share some of the details of our wedding with you.  We got married September 26, 2009 B.P.  (Before Pinterest!).  Yes, I wish that Pinterest was around back then, but I’m still so happy with how everything turned out!  My husband Todd and I met in the college group at our church back in 2004.  We didn’t really get to know each other until almost a year later and started dating in the fall of 2005.  We’ve been together for a total of 9 years…crazy how time flies!  This post is picture heavy, so I will share Part 2 tomorrow with the reception details.

When we got engaged I immediately knew that I wanted to plan for a fall wedding.  As I’ve mentioned several times, fall is my favorite season!  Its also the season we started dating and I wanted fall colors for our wedding.  We got married at a beautiful church just down the street from the house where I grew up.  I had always wanted my wedding in a rustic barn, but there wasn’t really a venue like that near us that was within our budget.  Knowing my dream, my dad asked a family that lived near the church who had a small barn in their backyard if we could take our wedding pictures there.  They agreed and we got some of my favorite wedding pictures there in their backyard.

All of the pictures below were taken by our lovely wedding photographer Jen Disney.  If you are looking for a photographer in the Southern California area you should check her out.  She is an amazing photographer!  Choosing a photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding.

The wedding dress

I purchased my dress from a cute little store called The Dresser.  It was a soft ivory  dress made of Chantilly lace.

The Dress

Wedding Dress

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

My Bouquet

I love a simply white bouquet.  I tied picture frames with pictures of my grandmas who are no longer with us as a way to remember them on this special day.


Going to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel

family 2

 My beautiful bridesmaids that included my sister, sister in-law, friends since elementary school and one of my close college friends.  The girls also got their dresses from The Dresser.  As a thank you for being a part of our wedding, I gave them earrings that matched their dresses.

The Girls

the girls 2

 Aren’t these guys handsome?!

The Guys

The Guys 2

 The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

Family Photos


Todd's Grandma

The Ceremony Details

I made our wedding programs which coordinated with  our reception table numbers.  For my wedding gift to Todd I bought him a watch and he bought me a bible with my married name and date of our wedding on the cover.  He also gave bibles to his groomsmen as a thank you for being in our wedding.   The guests signed a coffee table book with our engagement pictures that I made using Blurp.  I love how it turned out.

Ceremony Details

 The Ceremony

The pianist played George Winston’s Variations on the Kanon by Pachelbel (It is the song that Annie walks down the aisle to in Father of the Bride…one of my family’s favorite movies).  We had a guitarist play Divine Romance by Phil Wickham as Todd and I took communion.  He was amazing…he sounded just like him!

Walking Down the Aisle

We do!  Our college pastor married us and did such a great job with the ceremony.  It was really personable and meaningful.  The boys played a funny joke pretending that they forgot the rings…I love that picture!


 Mr. & Mrs. Bloom!

Bloom Wedding 1


Bloom Wedding 2

 My dad had seen a Rolls Royce in the neighborhood and asked the guy if we could use it for our wedding!

Get Away Car

 I always enjoy looking through our wedding photos and remembering all the people and the little details that made our day so special.  Happy Anniversary Todd…I know you are reading :)  Thanks for 5 amazing years!

Stop by tomorrow for part 2 with pictures of the reception!

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Sep 17 2014

Baseball Themed Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago I threw my husband a surprise party for his 30th birthday.  Keeping this secret from him was tricky.  There were a lot of late nights secretly working on DIY projects, running errands during lunch and hiding party decor!  The theme came easy; my husband loves baseball and the rest just kind of fell into place.  The baseball themed birthday party was a hit!

Baseball Themed Party

While family and friends waited for the birthday boy to arrive there were plenty of snacks to munch on at the “Concession Stand”.  They included the usual goodies you’d find at a baseball game: peanuts, popcorn, red vines, sunflower seeds, cracker jacks, and bubble gum.  Guests could also help themselves to chili cheese nachos.  I made the concession stand sign and hung it from a large poster board that Marissa helped me wrap in burlap.  It was a cheap easy back drop for the table and I can easily use it again for another event by simply switching out the sign.  If you are interested in a custom sign for your event, send us an email!

Concession Stand

concession stand 2

The bushel baskets were a great find.  They were 40% off at Michaels and I had a 25% off entire purchase coupon.  If you need several baskets for your party, this is a great cost-effective option.  Striped and gingham wax papers lined the baskets.  The chalkboard food labels were another DIY project.

bubble gum

I cut paper lunch bags in half with decorative scissors for guests to keep all their snacks in as they munched on them throughout the party.  I made the little baseball stickers with a circle punch and cut the “30” with my Cricut machine.  The “stitching” was a red sharpie.  I made a few extras and attached to skewers for dessert toppers and stuck a few in the jars of flowers.

treat bags

I found the kraft paper food boats at Hobby Lobby and they were perfect to serve the nachos and hot dogs in.


I kept the menu simple with hot dogs and all the fixins, macaroni and cheese, nachos, potato salad and fruit salad.  Guests could choose from a variety of hot dogs noted on the chalkboard menu or come up with their own combination.  Popular ones included: The All American Dog, Chicago Dog, Chili Cheese Dog and The New Yorker Dog (my favorite: sauerkraut, onions and spicy brown mustard…yum!).

The Fixins


Beverages: We filled galvanized buckets with ice to keep a variety of beer, sodas and water cold.  I also had a mason jar drink dispenser filled with lemonade for the kiddos.



Entertainment: We had lawn games set up like croquet and bocce ball.  My sister in-law Erika brought beach balls (no baseball event is complete without one :) ) and the kids & adults had so much fun hitting them around.

Decor: Marissa made this adorable red white and blue fabric bunting that we hung from the roof.  If you are interested in a custom-made bunting send us an email!  The food tables had simple white linens with a burlap runner down the center.  Mason jars filled with sunflowers were placed around the tables where the guests ate.  The sunflowers were simple, inexpensive and added a nice pop of color.  At the end of the event I realized that I had forgotten to put up the circle garlands I had made in coordinating scrapbook paper.  Bummer!  You win some, you loose some…I’ll use them for a future party!



I found some inexpensive paper mache numbers at Hobby Lobby that I spray painted red.


Dessert: My husband isn’t a cake, ice cream or pie person, so coming up with an idea for dessert was a little difficult!  But my mom came up with the best idea…brownies.  To keep things easy, we scooped the brownies out of the baking dish with a large spoon instead of cutting the brownies into squares and served them warm out of the oven.  Guests could top with ice cream and chocolate syrup.


The Birthday Boy!  He is the sweetest man :) .   I don’t deserve him, he truly does so much for me, so I wanted his 30th to be a great one!


All in all I think the party was a success!  My husband was surprised; guests left full and I think everyone had a good time.  Most of all my family and I made it through a month without letting anything slip out about the party!  Thanks everyone who helped me pull the party together and for everyone who came to celebrate!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you all have a great rest of the week.

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Jul 18 2014

Custom Party Packages

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to stop by and share with you some things that All In Good Twine is now offering.  My talented sister put together this super cute custom birthday package for a client!

birthday package 3

Isn’t it adorable?!  I am so proud of her!!  She does amazing work!  If you are interested in custom invitations, banners, or circle garlands for any kind of party please email us at allingoodtwine dot com and we would love to work with you!

birthday package 2

We also have other products for sale at our STORENVY Store online.  You can see some of our work under the Time To Celebrate tab at the top.  Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement.  It really does mean the world to us!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Signature - Marissa

May 30 2014

Paper Fan Tutorial

Happy Friday!

As promised, today I’m going to share the paper fan tutorial that we used to make the paper fans for the Rainbow Ombre Shower we shared with you a few weeks ago.  There are several methods to make these, but I like the look of this method the best.  I added a step and decided to score my paper before folding accordion style and I’m so glad I did!  It made the folds cleaner and evenly spaced.  These paper fans can be made for any occasion.  These fans make the cutest party decor using them as backdrop to a food or dessert table.  Wouldn’t they be adorable as part of a backdrop for a family or kids photo shoot?  I’m already thinking of making some for the 4th of July using patriotic themed scrapbook paper!

Paper fans

Here are some I used for Mother’s Day lunch decor:

paper fans


  • (2) 12×12 scrapbook paper – same color
  • 2″ circle – cut with 2″ paper punch
  • paper cutter
  • scoring board
  • bone folder
  • glue gun & glue

Paper Fan Supplies



Paper Fan Tutorial


1. Cut each 12″ x 12″ paper in half.  After cutting you should end up with four 6″ x 12″ papers.

paper fan step 1

2. Using a scoring board and bone folder, score each piece of paper you cut in step 1 (laying the paper horizontally across the scoring board).  Make your first score 3/4″ in from the left edge.  There should be 3/4″ between each score.  (This step is optional, but I found the folds were cleaner and more evenly spaced when I continued to step 3)

paper fan step 2

3. Fold each piece of paper on the scored lines accordion style.  Edges should be folded downward (as shown below).

paper fan step 3

4. Using a glue gun, glue each piece of paper together, over lapping 1 accordion fold over the other creating one long piece of paper.

paper fan step 4

5. Glue the remaining ends together, forming a circle.  Take a closer look below:

paper fan step 5

6. Gather the inner edges of the circle, pushing down so that all the inner edges are touching each other until the paper fan shape forms.

paper fan step 6

7. Carefully push all the inner edges of the circle towards the center.

paper fan step 7

8. Turn the paper fan upside down, so the backside of the paper is facing up.  Using the glue gun, squeeze a generous amount of glue around the center of the fan in a circular motion, approximately 1″ in diameter.

paper fan step 8

9. Quickly place the 2″ circle paper over the glue and press down until glue has dried. (Be careful as the glue is very hot!).  The 2″ circle helps hold the fan together.  You may want to punch the 2″ circle out of the same color you are making the paper fan.  I used a different color so it would easily show in the pictures for the tutorial.    You could definitely glue one to the front side too if you like the look!

paper fan step 9

10. Turn the paper fan over and you are done!

paper fan step 10

Let me know if you have any questions!

ombre paper fans

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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May 21 2014

Fruit Infused Water Recipes & A Delicious Strawberry Lemonade!

Last week we shared the details on the Rainbow Ombre Baby Shower we helped throw for one of our good friends.  We thought we’d share with you today the beverage recipes that we had available for the guests: Strawberry Lemonade, Orange/Vanilla Infused Water, Cucumber/Lavender/Mint Infused Water, Berry Infused Water and Iced Tea.  They all looked beautiful and really added to the rainbow ombre decor!  These recipes are really easy and great for a large group, or could be modified for a single serving glass.  I think I’ll be making pitchers of the fruit infused water to keep in the fridge this summer.  So light, refreshing and will keep you hydrated!

Fruit Beverages

Strawberry Lemonade

Nikki made her famous strawberry lemonade.  We always make sure this one is on the menu for all of the showers we throw and the recipe could not be simpler!

  • 1 12 oz can frozen Pink Lemonade
  • 1 10 oz bag frozen sliced strawberries

Prepare the pink lemonade according to directions on package.  Blend the strawberries ever so slightly in a blender.  Combine lemonade and strawberries and chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Strawberry Lemonade

Orange & Vanilla Infused Water

Michelle had the the idea to make fruit infused waters for our rainbow ombre themed shower, and I just love how the beverage station turned out.  She used this orange and vanilla infused water recipe.  Many said it reminded them of 50/50 bar or an orange creamsicle!

Orange Vanilla

Cucumber Lavender & Mint Infused Water

Lauren used this cucumber lavender infused water recipe but added some mint, which tasted so refreshing!

Cucumber Lavender Mint

Triple Berry Infused Water

Carrie created this berry infused water recipe.  This one was one of my favorites! (And look at the blueberries rising to the top…would make a great little science experiment to do with your kiddos :) )

  • 1.5 gallons water
  • 1 basket Blueberries
  • 1 basket Raspberries
  • 1 basket Blackberries

Combine water, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in large pitcher or beverage dispenser.  Allow to infuse in the refrigerator for  at least 3 hours.  Keep chilled until ready to serve.


Iced Tea

No special recipe here…just water, tea bags and lemon!

Try these recipes for yourself and tell us what you think!  Do you have any favorite fruit infused water combinations?  Hope you have a great rest of the week friends!