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Nov 21 2013

DIY Pine cone Wreath

I may be just a little obsessed with making wreaths.  I like to hang one for each season/holiday. Now it has gotten to the point that I have several for each season, and not enough places to hang them!  Haha!  Today I wanted to share with you a really simple pine cone wreath that is very inexpensive to make.  I just kind of experimented with some pine cones that I found, and I am pretty happy with the result!

Pinecone Wreath 7

Here’s what you’ll need to make this pine cone wreath:

Pinecone Wreath Supplies

For this project Michael’s has great 14″ grapevine wreaths. (Michael’s has 40% off coupons in the mail or on a smartphone app.)  The chalkboard is a coaster from Michael’s clearance.  If you want to see another project using the coaster,  check here.   As an alternative, you could get a piece of wood and spray paint it with chalkboard paint.

Step 1: I put my pine cones on foil on a baking sheet and put them in the oven that was preheated to 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes.  I found the tutorial here.  This will kill any little bugs inside.



Step 2: Take some pages of your book, roll them, and tape the edges once rolled.  I gathered them at their points and hot glued them together.  Instead of book pages you could use music sheets, colored cardstock, or scrapbook paper.

Step 3: Start gluing on your pine cones wherever you want them.  I try to lay mine out first to get the arrangement I want.

Pinecone Wreath 1

Step 4: Write a phrase, saying, or draw a design on your mini chalkboard.  I like to use a chalkboard marker because it is easier to work with and the lettering usually comes out looking cleaner.  Hot glue the chalkboard over the book pages.

Pinecone Wreath 3


Step 5: Add a bow or burlap ribbon at the top if desired.

Pinecone Wreath 6

There you have it!  Super easy!

I am hosting a girls craft day on Saturday with some girl friends and they will be making some similar wreaths.  I am excited to see how everyone’s turns out and the unique variations to the same project.  Look back next week to see the results!

Have a great day!

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Nov 19 2013

Free Thankful Chalkboard Printable

Hi Everyone!

Here we go…I’m going to be honest with you: I have been real negative lately.  I find myself focusing on all that is going wrong rather than all that I have to be thankful for.   I decided I don’t like the negative person I am becoming and felt God was moving me to make a change.

I recently started a gratitude journal.  I got the idea from another blogger I follow daily, Shay over at Mix and Match Family.  She kept a gratitude journal for 13 years…talk about dedication!  Basically you write 5 things you are thankful for that day.  Not generic things like food or  a job, but real specific things like “I didn’t have to cook dinner tonight because my sweet husband had dinner on the table when I got home from work.”  The best part is that it doesn’t take as much time or as much thought as a regular diary.  All you have to do is write down 5 things and it doesn’t even have to be complete sentences.  Now a lot of people do this on Thanksgiving or in the month of November, but my goal is to do it for at least an entire year.  I encourage you to do it along with me.  I have a long way to go, but it really helps me reflect on the positive and all that God has blessed me with.

I created a printable that I could frame and put up in my house as a daily reminder of all that I have to be thankful for.  It would also make a great Thanksgiving decoration.  We are giving it away free to those that subscribe to our blog.  It is our little way to say thank you for following us on this adventure.  All you have to do is subscribe to our blog by entering your email address and clicking “subscribe”.  Then shoot us an email with the subject “Thankful Printable” requesting the printable.  We will email you the printable in the next day or two.  See the bottom of the email for printing tips.  I want to give a big thanks to my brother for making the chalkboard background for me!!

Thankful Printable - All In Good Twine

*This printable is free for personal use only.

Thankful Printable Framed

Printing Tips: for the best quality, I suggest printing at Kinko’s or Staples.  It will cost you less than a $1.00!  I  printed mine as an 8″ x 10″ on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I simply cut off the excess  to fit the frame.  I printed mine on card stock paper and again on a smooth finish paper slightly heavier weight than regular printer paper.  I found that the smooth paper actually turned out better than the cardstock.

I’m linking up over at Bloom Designs.  Hope you enjoy the printable and remember:  There Is Always, Always Something To Be Thankful For!

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Nov 13 2013

Easy DIY Fall Rag Garland

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It seems like every year the stores bring out the Christmas decorations earlier and earlier. Although I love Christmas, I don’t like short changing Thanksgiving and all the beautiful fall decor. Today I wanted to share with you a very simple fall garland. It is really easy to do. I love a simple project that I can do when my little guy is napping.



You will need:
-pinking sheers
-twine, rope, ribbon, or string
-ruler (optional)

I started by purchasing 4 different fabric quarters at JoAnns. They often have these on sale and they only cost around $2 and it is plenty of fabric.


Step 1: Cut a piece of twine the length that you want your garland to be.

Step 2: With pinking sheers, cut strips from each of the fabrics that are approximately 1″x 9″. I did not measure mine. I just went for it. I was not looking for perfection on this project :)


Step 3: Tie the strips of fabric on to the twine. This step takes some time, but not much brain power. I did it while watching TV. :)

Step 4: Hang up and enjoy! Super easy and adds great color to your fall decor!



For more fall decor ideas you can check out Alisa’s post here.

Enjoy your day!

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Oct 23 2013

Fall Decor: Bringing the Outdoors In

Happy Wednesday!

As I have mentioned before, Fall is my favorite season and I am checking one more item off my Fall Activity List; decorating for the Fall!  I try to keep things simple and natural all while staying on a budget.  I like to keep my decorations more “Fall” than “Halloween.”  This way I can put them out at the end of September and keep them up all through November!


I love the idea of using things you find outdoors to decorate inside your home.  Take Fall leaves for example.  They are vibrant in color and make a big impact without spending a lot of money.  I found these leaves at Hobby Lobby (don’t forget to print your 40% off coupon online).  Later I found them at the grocery store for even cheaper ($2.99 for a package of several branches).  They are real leaves that have been dried.  I’m going to try to save them for next year…we’ll see how they hold up :).  If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that you actually have seasons, then you can probably find them right outside your door!

IMG_0327 - Copy

Branches, apples and pine cones are other items I like to use.  They are inexpensive, easy to find and so versatile.  You can use them as vase fillers, place them in a bowl or on a 3 tiered plate stand.  Pomegranates, persimmons and artichokes are also very festive.  Each season, I like to buy some fresh Fall flowers and pumpkins .  I found this year that Trader Joe’s had the best price for pumpkins.  They have beautiful Fall flower arrangement there as well.

IMG_0325 - Copy

IMG_0280 - Copy


IMG_0320 - Copy

Wood tones create that warm autumn mood in your home, while burlap and twine add great texture.  I made the “Give Thanks” banner out of burlap and also used a burlap bow to tie around the basket I use to store my throws.  Old books tied with twine make a great coffee table vignette next to fresh flowers and a milk glass stand filled with pine cones.  I’ve struggled for the past several years with what to put on my coffee table…I might just keep this up all year round and switch out the pine cones with seasonal vase filler and flowers!

P1080477 - Copy

IMG_0271 - Copy

My last tip is to shop around your house (inside and outside) for fall decor.  If you have items in other rooms of your home in Fall color tones, bring them out and use them in your living room.  Most of the items you see in my pictures are things I already had, I just rearranged and stuck in some Fall leaves and pumpkins here and there.

IMG_0299 - Copy


Fall Decor 1

Fall Decor 2

Honestly the best time to purchase Fall decorations is after the season when everything is on sale.  Then when the season comes around again you have your decorations and don’t have to pay full price for them.  Each year I add a few more items to my collection.  I have put a source list together at the end of the post noting where I purchased some of my decorations.

Hope you got some ideas to decorate your home this year or next year.  If you have any Fall decorating tips we would love to hear them…leave a comment or send us an email!

Source List

  • Mercury Glass Pumpkins: Pottery Barn (2012) on sale. Similar can be found at HomeGoods & TJ Maxx
  • Fall Leaves: Hobby Lobby.
  • Fall Printable: Dear Lillie Check out Jennifer’s blog for this free printable and for more decorating inspiration!
  • Mercury Glass Owls: TJ Maxx (2012)
  • Give Thanks Banner: DIY Project
  • Small Pumpkin & Apple Crates: Michael’s (2012)
  • Twig Pumpkins: Target Dollar Bin
  • Gold Frame Chalkboard: DIY Project
  • Faux Apples: Pottery Barn Outlet (sadly the outlet is closed, but I believe Pottery Barn still sells them)

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Oct 3 2013

Fall Wreath Tutorial

Hi Everyone!
Today we are sharing a tutorial of this quick and easy fall wreath.

Fall Wreath 4a

Here’s what you’ll need:

Wreath Supplies

I got the burlap and burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby (they have great prices and a 40% off coupon online).  I got the autumn branches at JoAnn Fabrics. They have an app for your phone where you can get coupons.  The rest of the materials I got at Michaels.  I found the little chalkboard in the clearance section (it’s actually a coaster) and the grapevine wreath is 14” but any size would work.  You can get the Michaels app and they have great coupons too.


  1. First start by tucking in the long stem of the autumn branches into the grapevine wreath.  I just bend the stems to look the way I want them.  It doesn’t really matter what the top of the wreath looks like because it will be covered by the burlap bow.Fall Berries 1Fall Berries 2
  2. Then, start gluing on your moss in small pieces starting at the bottom of your grapevine wreath and working your way up on both sides.  Moss 1
  3. Next, cut some burlap ribbon (mine was approximately 38 inches long) and tie a bow at the top of your wreath.  Finish it by cutting the burlap at an angle.
  4. Hot glue your mini chalkboard on where you want it.  I chose to write “fall” on mine.
  5. Lastly, I made some little burlap roses.  To do this cut strips of burlap about one inch wide by 18 inches long.Burlap Strips
    Start twisting the burlap around itself, coiling it as you go.  Hot glue the end so it stays.Burlap Flowers 1Burlap Flowers 2Then, hot glue your roses onto your wreath. And you are done!!

    Fall Wreath 4b
    There are so many variations you could do with this wreath. Here are some other wreaths we have made in the past:

    Fall Wreath 1


Bird Wreath 1

Fall B Wreath


Hopefully this post inspired you and got your creative juices flowing.  Let us know if you make this wreath and how it turned out!  Thanks for stopping by!




Oct 1 2013

Fall Is Here!

Happy 1st day of October!  We don’t know about you, but fall is our favorite season.  There was a book that our mom used to read to us when we were little called “My Book of the Season” by Stephanie Calmenson.  It pretty much sums up everything we love about the fall:

“Fall is here.  Can you feel it? Crisp cool air – better put on your jacket!  Can you taste it?  Crunchy red apples best picked from the tree.  Can you smell it?  Spicy pumpkin pie baking in the oven. Can you see it?  Can you hear?  Bright-colored leaves rustling when you walk.  Fall is here!”

There are so many things we look forward to doing during the Autumn Season.  Check out our Fall Activity List below for some ideas.  If you have kids they will enjoy doing these activities and crossing them off the list.   If you would like us to email you this printable, subscribe to our blog and leave a comment letting us know you would like one!

Fall Activity List 1

If you are in the Southern California area we highly recommend visiting Julian and/or Oak Glenn for apple picking and pie!  If you have some time for a small vacation, head up the coast to Avila Beach and stop at the Avila Village Barn.

Here are some photos to get you in the fall spirit and some ideas to inspire you!

Fall DecorMarissa loves planting Mums in the fall!

Fall Flowers

Apple Crisp is one of Alisa’s favorite desserts to make in the fall!

Apple Crisp

Love going to Avila Valley Barn during this time of year.  They have a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, fresh apple cider, fruit and much more!

Pumpkin Patch

Fall foliage planted in a rustic wheel barrow on the porch is the perfect way to welcome guests.

Fall Foliage

Make a day out of it and take your family to a pumpkin patch.  Have a pumpkin carving contest and be sure to roast the pumpkin seeds for a treat!


Go apple picking and make caramel apples, homemade apple sauce or apple crisp!

Apple 1

Our top reason for why we love the fall so much…Marissa and Mark were blessed with the arrival of this sweet little guy last fall!  Can’t believe he is almost one!  Love him so much!

L Halloween

Be sure to check back later for fall recipes, fall home décor ideas and fall craft tutorials (wreaths, etc.)!