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Sep 12 2014

Simple Table Centerpieces- MOPS

Happy Friday!

My MOPS (Mother of Pre-Schoolers) group has started back up and I am so excited about this year!!  I just love this ministry.  We meet twice a month to fellowship together and encourage one another through motherhood.  Each meeting entails brunch, a speaker or video, a craft or activity and just chit chatting with one another.  This year I am in charge of crafts again and I also made centerpieces for each table.  I really like how the centerpieces turned out.  If you are looking for a simple inexpensive centerpiece idea the basic principle here can be applied to other themes.

pink table


I started with white table cloths that I purchased online from TableclothsFactory.  8 tablecloths cost me about $73 (shipping included).  I bought the Ball jars in a 12 pack from JoAnn’s for about $11 (with a coupon).  I also saw these at Costco recently for a good price.  Walmart carries them as well.  I spray painted half of them with Krylon spray paint Ocean Breeze and half with Coral (purchased from Walmart for about $4 each).  I think they add a nice pop of color.  The Ball jars hold the table name sign, which I made with Kraft paper from Michaels.  I traced the feathers from a template I found here and wrote the names with chalkboard pens.  The signs are double sided and glued to a wooden skewer, which I already had on hand.

green table


To add some more color I made a decorative fabric square for the center of the table.  I sewed two pieces of the same fabric right sides together, leaving a section open to turn them right side out.  Them I sewed around the border with a decorative stitch.  My big statement piece is the wood slice in the center.  Since I had a budget I thought maybe I could find someone from our MOPS group that had some wood and could make some for me.  I asked our group and my friend Charity came to the rescue!!  Her friend is a botanist and offered to make some for us for FREE!  How nice is that ?! I LOVE how they turned out.  Each one is unique and it gives a beautiful rustic feel to the centerpieces.

blue table


I went on the hunt for some super cheap frames and hit the jackpot at The Salvation army.  I didn’t care about the color, I just tried to find ones that had some “personality” to them 😉  I took them home and spray painted them all white and then found several free printables online through Pinterest to put inside.  Printables are a great inexpensive way to decorate.  Our theme in MOPS this year is “Be You Bravely.”  I love this theme…it really fits with my life right now ;).  The bird cages were on clearance at Michaels for $1.20 each!  I used a decorative punch and some twine to attach a little sign that says prayer requests.

There you have it!  For 8 tables I spent a little over $100.  I’m always looking for inexpensive centerpieces for parties and I think I will use this idea again in the future!

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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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Aug 8 2014


Happy Friday to you all!

This year for my MOPS group (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers)  I am helping with some of the decor, mainly the table centerpieces.  I’ve been working on a few projects this week thanks to my sweet mother-in-law who watched my little guy so I could get some things done!  I made this “Welcome” banner to hang on our welcome table.

welcome sign 2

I was thinking about the word welcome and what it means as I was making this.  I really long for the people who enter my home and my life to feel welcome.  I’m also praying that all the moms who walk through the doors at our first MOPS meeting feel welcome.  It’s a great feeling when you feel welcome, isn’t it.  That there’s a place for you.  That you are wanted.   I really want to do my part in making it an inviting place where moms can come, sit, feel rejuvenated, encouraged and loved on in a beautiful place.  This is just my small contribution in an effort to make that happen, but what will really make the difference is the relationships that are formed that speak “welcome” through their actions; a warm smile, a hug, a prayer, an invitation.  I am so excited about this years’ MOPS group and I’m praying for all the moms that will come and the hands that have been working to prepare.

I hope that you all feel welcome here and I hope to get to know you all better and hear your stories, and your hearts.  I’ll be back next week with a tutorial on how to make the welcome sign in case you are interested.

I hope that you have a great weekend!

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Aug 6 2014

Pottery Barn Finds Under $30

I could walk around Pottery Barn for hours (no, seriously I’m not joking…just ask my husband!).  Often I’m getting inspiration, or day dreaming of the things I wish I could take home with me.  Every so often I delightfully stumble upon some great finds, like last night when I was  browsing Pottery Barn online.  Many of the items are on sale, so they are going fast, and prices may change.  Everything shown below, besides the wooden bowl holding the apples, totals less than $250.00.  If you have a promotional code, it’s even less.

Pottery Barn Finds

One | Wood Gallery Frames

Two | Faux Hydrangea Branch

Three | Stassi Metal Hardware

Four | Oxford Turned Wood Pillar Candle Holders

Five | Green Apple Vase Filler

Six | Audrey Eyelet Applique Pillow Cover & Polka Dot Pillow Cover

Seven | Small Tuscan Urn

Eight | Perry Dark Tote Basket

These are some of my favorite decorating pieces.  Every room needs a “natural element” (wood, floral, greenery, fruit) even if it’s fake.  These faux hydrangea branches look great in the Tuscan urn shown above, the best part is you can’t kill them!  I have two of these urns, I love them so much!  The green apples look great in a glass apothecary jar or in a large bowl.  They make great decor in the fall season and everyone always comments on how real they look.

A great way to bring in pattern and texture is through fabrics.  I’ve had my eye on these pillows for a while now, unfortunately I don’t have the need for anymore (I have way to many as it is :) ).  I love a large basket  to store toss pillows and throws.

Have a large empty wall that needs some visual interest?  Try a gallery wall. Vintage botanical prints (like the one shown in our sidebar) would be perfect in the gallery wall frames.

Finally every room needs a DIY element.  Often times the items you make become conversation pieces and give the space a personal touch.  The gold pulls would be great for a little DIY project like this Chic Tray Courtney from A Thoughtful Place created.

I hope you got some decorating inspiration and find something that completes your space.  If you haven’t already, be sure to join Pottery Barn’s emailing list for exclusive sales and promotions.  They frequently offer free shipping and 15% to 20% off promotional codes.

*This post is not sponsored by Pottery Barn, I just like their store and products!

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Jul 30 2014

Kids’ Playroom

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all having a great week so far!  Today I wanted to share our playroom with you all.  I’ve had several people tell me I should do a home tour so I thought I would start with the room we are in a lot of the time….you guessed it!  The Playroom!  When my son was born and the toys and gear quickly started to  pile up and take over our small living room, I knew we needed a solution.  We had a bedroom we were using as a den so we converted it into a playroom for my son.  It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made!  At the end of the night all the toys get put back in the playroom and we can enjoy a clean living room.  The only bummer about this room is that it doesn’t get a lot of natural light so sorry about some of the pictures!


I wanted to make a really cheery place for my little guy to play in and it doubles as storage for some of my craft supplies.  It’s a fairly small space so I needed some good storage.  We got two Ikea expedits and that has worked really well in storing toys as well as some craft supplies for me in the white boxes (also from Ikea).  We bought enough baskets to fill every other shelf so that most of the toys are out of sight, but my little guy has easy access to others like his books.  This has worked really well.





The 3 tiered organizer is from Pottery Barn and works well to store art supplies.  I got the mason jars at Walmart and used some chalkboard labels I got at Target to spruce them up a bit 😉


To add some color I made a fabric banner to go all the way around the room.  I got the fabric and ribbon from JoAnn’s.


I also took some of the same fabric in the banner and used my staple gun to attach it to canvases for picture frames.  I really love how they turned out!

playroom canvas photos


playroom canvas photos2

I have always wanted a huge classroom map in my house and the playroom was the perfect spot!  The colors go perfectly!  We got it off of Craigslist and then purchased a mount to hang it.  It’s my favorite thing in this room!



I got some wooden letters to spell PLAY from Michaels and painted them to match the room.



I made this crate stool for my classroom when I was a teacher and decided to make one for this room.  It’s the perfect little chair because it can be stored under the table and it can also be used as storage if you take the top off.  I will do a tutorial on this later.  The magnet board behind it is from IKEA and the curtains are from Target.



Most of the decor like the canvases with the bikes, and family rules as well as the frames, clock, green wire basket, and bowl are from Home Goods….one of my favorite places to shop for accessories!


Thanks for stopping by!  I’m linking up over at Bloom Designs.  Hope you have a great rest of the week!

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Jul 18 2014

Custom Party Packages

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to stop by and share with you some things that All In Good Twine is now offering.  My talented sister put together this super cute custom birthday package for a client!

birthday package 3

Isn’t it adorable?!  I am so proud of her!!  She does amazing work!  If you are interested in custom invitations, banners, or circle garlands for any kind of party please email us at allingoodtwine dot com and we would love to work with you!

birthday package 2

We also have other products for sale at our STORENVY Store online.  You can see some of our work under the Time To Celebrate tab at the top.  Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement.  It really does mean the world to us!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Apr 1 2014

Succulent Plant Gift Idea

Hi Friends!

I wanted to stop by today to share with you a quick gift idea!  I love giving gifts to family and friends whether it’s for their birthday or just to show them how much they mean to me.  I don’t think that gifts need to be extravagant or cost a lot of money to show someone how much you care.  This past weekend I put together a birthday gift for a sweet friend that was quick and easy and fun to make.

succulent plant3


I have been planting a lot of succulents lately.  The great thing about succulents is that they are so easy to maintain and to propagate!  I just picked a piece off of a plant I already had and put it in a new pot.  I added a little fabric flag that is quick and easy to sew and stick on a skewer.

succulent plant


There are so many cute containers that you could plant your succulents in.  The possibilities are endless!

succulent plant4


I’m a little obsessed with propagating my succulents!  I’ve heard you can even grow new ones from just one leaf!!  Haven’t tried that method yet, but I may just have to soon!

Hope you all have a great day!

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Mar 21 2014

Spruce Up Your Porch for Spring: 10 Simple Ideas

We’ve made it to Friday!  I’m so looking forward to the weekend.

My front porch was looking pretty drab, old faded chairs, tattered doormat, a plant that was barely alive, you get the idea.  So over the weekend, I decided I would freshen it up a bit and give it a pop of color for spring!  It really didn’t take much effort and I didn’t spend much money.  Here are some simple steps to spruce up your porch for spring:

Spring Porch

1. Clean! Just cleaning the windows, sweeping the porch and wiping down the front door can do a world of difference.

2. Buy a  new doormat.  I picked mine up at Target and it matches the rugs I have in my laundry room!  Threshold and Room Essential doormats are on sale at Target this week, so go check them out they have some really cute and colorful options.


3. Hang a spring wreath.  I used this same boxwood wreath (also from Target) during the Christmas season.  I simply added the burlap ribbon with a cute chevron pattern to give it a fresh spring touch.  The porch gets a lot of sun, so to prevent the wreath from fading, I usually hang the wreath on the inside of the door and flip it around when we have company coming over.  This way I get to enjoy the wreath from inside of my house too!

Spring Wreath

4. Plant flowers.  I like to pick three or four colors and select flowers in that color scheme.  I am usually drawn to reds, but decided it was time for a change.  I went with pink, purple and green with touches of white.  I planted ranunculus, petunias and campanulas.  Before you head off to the nursery, take inventory on how many pots you have and the sizes, so you know how many flowers and how much potting soil to buy.  I like to have pots in all shapes and sizes.  Vary the height of your pots to add some interest.  I used an old wood crate that I turned upside down.  You could also use plant stands, small patio table, galvanized bucket turned upside down.


Flowers 2


5. Add seating.  We had 2 patio chairs on our porch, but they were fading.  We swapped them out for this bench, which we usually have in the backyard, but we have plenty of seating out there already.  The bench is perfect, because we can store the pillows in it during the night so they don’t get wet from the dew.  You can also keep gardening tools in it as well.  We’ve had the bench for several years now, but I believe we purchased it from Home Depot.

6. Arrange decorative pillows.  Pillows add a great pop of color and its fun to mix different colors and patterns.  These pillows are from Pottery Barn.  I used them for my wedding almost 5 years ago.  They hold up really well.


7. Make a welcome sign.  There are so many adorable welcome signs out there, but I didn’t want to spend any money.  So, I used a small chalkboard and wrote a welcome message to great guests.

Welcome Sign

8. Lighten Up.  Outdoor lanterns add the perfect finishing touch and give great ambient lighting in the evening.  Or, hang string lights for a romantic evening glow.  If you have a porch light, clean out the cobwebs and switch out the light fixture for an updated look.  If you are on a budget, try spray painting the fixture you have (make sure you use a weather resistant spray paint).


9. Add decorative accents.  If you have a covered porch, add a colorful outdoor rug in a fun pattern.  Our porch isn’t covered and a rug just isn’t practical.  If you don’t have a side table, use a galvanized tray to place drinks and snacks while enjoying the outdoors.  HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Target always has really cute and inexpensive outdoor decorative accessories.  The white pail that the purple flowers are in below was from the Target dollar bins it was $3.00.

Welcome Sign 2

10. Make it pop with color.  All of the items above (doormat, flowers, wreath, pillows, decorative accents) add wonderful pops of color that freshen up your porch and make your home look warm and inviting.  If you have the budget and aren’t tied to rules of an association (like me), paint your front door.  Be bold and choose a color like red, plum, green or yellow.  I wish I could paint my door :( !

What are your favorite ways to spruce up your porch for spring?

I’m linking up with the Swing into Spring Link Party hosted by: The Every Day Home, Our Southern Home, and Confessions of a Plate Addict. Be sure to visit their blogs for more spring porch and wreath ideas!

Enjoy your first Spring weekend!

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Mar 20 2014

Spring Vignette

Hi Everyone!

Happy first day of spring!   When it comes to decorating for the seasons or holidays I try to add just a couple small touches to my living room.  I usually just change out the things on the shelf above our couch and add a fabric banner above our television.  I wanted to give you a few tips on how you can decorate for the seasons and not break the bank every time.  :)

spring shelf 6

1.  Decorate with things you already have on hand.  My sweet friend Katy gave me the adorable watering can for my birthday.  I couldn’t bare to keep it outside and let it get dirty so I decided to decorate with it!  It was my inspiration for my spring shelf.

spring shelf 5



I also grabbed the white vase, frame, and mason jar from other places in my house.  The wreath was a DIY project I had made for a baby shower.  I followed the tutorial found here.

spring shelf 8

2.  Bring the outdoors in.  Add some flowers or greenery from your yard.  The Indian Hawthore in our yard is going crazy with blooms right now.  It was the perfect pink for my mantle!

spring shelf

3.  Use a free printable.  You can find TONS of free printables on Pinterest created by some very talented people.  Type in “free spring printable” and see what you find.  The one on my mantel can be found here.

spring shelf 3

4.  Get your craft on!  The egg garland was a project I did with some girlfriends when we had a crafting day.  All it took was some paper mache, water ballons, and some embroidery floss.

spring shelf 7

I hope you got some good ideas so that you can add a touch of spring to your home without much effort or money!

I am linking up over at Worthington Court and Home is Where the Boat Is and sharing my spring vignette.  Go check out the other beautiful arrangements!

Hope you enjoy your day!

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Feb 19 2014

Organized Craft Closet

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to share with you a project I just recently finished that has been a long time coming: my craft closet!  We’ve lived in our home for a little over 3 years.  Since the day we moved in our “office” has been our catch all room.  At times the room has looked like  Monica’s secret forbidden closet (for those of you who love the T.V. show FRIENDS, you will understand the reference!).  We’ve been slowly chipping away at organizing the room and I’m happy to say the closet is now done.  I use the term done loosely as I’m sure I’ll be making changes as I add to my craft supplies and find how the space works best for me.

Organized Craft Closet

A year or so ago we purchased the shelving unit from Ikea, but the project came to a standstill and it collected junk (as you can see in the before pictures…don’t judge!).  My husband gave me the push to start the project back up again.  Poor guy couldn’t stand all the crap craft supplies everywhere.  I don’t blame him it was driving me nuts too!  So, I started the organization process: I cleared everything out of the closet and separated into different piles: trash, giveaway/donate, keep, and keep but doesn’t belong in this room.  Having a large trash bag and boxes for each pile to go in is really handy when organizing.  I then organized the keep pile into categories: Ribbon, sewing, twine, tulle, party decor, embellishments, stamps, ink pads, paint, glitter, glue, washi tape, craft books, magazines, paper, blog stuff, current projects, scissors, markers, paper cutters, miscellaneous, etc.

Before and After

I already had some storage containers, but I needed to purchase a few more.  I took inventory of my piles and approximately how many containers I needed.  My first stop was The Container Store.  They have lots of really neat storage and organization items.  But, the boxes I was looking at was going to cost me over $150.00 for the quantity I needed. Um, no thank you!  So, next stop: Ikea.  I found storage boxes that were nearly identical to the ones at The Container Store for less than $40.00 for all of the boxes; now that’s more like it!  I had to assemble myself, but it was super easy.  I had the 12×12 scrapbook paper drawer unit and the smaller version for 8.5×11 paper, but I have a TON of scrapbook paper and needed one more of each.  My sweet hubby surprised me with them after a trip he made to Target!  I already had the red magazine holder and a matching box so I knew I was going to use red in my color scheme.  I have been obsessed with red and aqua/teal (as you can probably tell from reading my last couple blog posts), so aqua was the obvious choice for my second color.  Lucky for me I found the 2 woven strap totes from HomeGoods in just the right color.  All of the other items I had around the house.

Next, after all the storage boxes were assembled I organized my craft supplies in the storage containers and arranged on the shelves.

Organizing Your Craft Supplies

Ribbon Twine Tulle


I made a list of all the labels I needed to make.  I used my handy dandy label maker for the sides of the drawers.  Instead of labeling the boxes with the boring white label they came with, I decided to add a pop of color…red!  Using a circle hole punch, I created the labels for my marker caddies and tied them on with twine.  I used my white chalk pen to label all the items so the words could be easily read on the dark paper.

Label It

Small mason jars worked perfect to store pencils and the lids coordinated nicely with the galvanized buckets and the trim of the storage boxes.


After everything found a home, I added some fun decor that matched my color scheme like the frame and the stacked books and notebooks.  It’s fun to add color with the craft supplies you are storing too (like markers, colored pencils, washi tape)!

Colored Accents

Washi Tape

It is so nice to have all my craft supplies organized.  Now that everything has a place I am much more likely to keep it looking nice and clean.  Plus the space inspires me to create!

Craft Closet 1

Craft Closet 2

Now that this project is done, I’m excited to start another organization project!  What organization projects are you tackling this year?

Source List:

  • Shelving Unit: BESTA Shelf Unit from Ikea
  • White Storage Boxes: KASSETT Boxes from Ikea
  • 3 Drawer storage Bins: Sterilite ClearView Drawer Unit found at Target
  • Woven Strap Totes: HomeGoods
  • Red Magazine Holder & Box: TJ Maxx
  • Galvanized Buckets: SOCKER Plant Pot from Ikea
  • Mason Jars: Ace Hardware
  • Round Picture Frame: Stein Mart
  • White Paint Can with Lid: Michaels
  • Glass Jar with Lid: Target
  • Black Wire Tray: CostPlus

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Feb 12 2014

Valentine’s Day Garland

Hi Everyone!

Are you all doing something special for Valentine’s Day?  Well, if you are looking for some last minute ways to get you in the spirit I’ve got a cute Valentine’s Day garland that will do just that!

valentine garland 2

I have mentioned before that I go to a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group.  I love going and am so encouraged by the speakers and the other moms who are so supportive of each other and cheer each other on.  I think that is so important for us moms to do that for one another.  Well, this semster I am in charge of the crafts for my MOPS group!  I will be sharing this garland with the MOPS moms today!  And if you are from my MOPS group welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog!  Hopefully this will help some of you moms who didn’t have time to finish the craft because of sweet babies on your lap ;).

valentine garland 4

Let’s get started!  Here’s what you’ll need:

-book pages ( I got some cheap old books from the Salvation Army)

-scrapbook paper


-clothes pins

-flag and heart templates (I just made my own out of cardstock)



-glue stick


1.  Cut your twine the length that you want your garland.

2. Rip out book pages.  Using your template trace the flag shape on the book pages and cut out all the flags.

3.  Using your heart template trace and cut out hearts from the scrapbook paper (cut one for each flag).

4.  Glue a heart onto each flag.

5.  Use clothes pins to attach the flags to the twine.  Hang and enjoy!

There you have it!  Pretty easy, right?!

valentine garland 3

I did a similar garland out of burlap for my mantel using the same method.

valentine garland 5

I hope you have a great day!

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