Jul 27 2015

My 2015 Summer Reading List

Last year I shared my summer reading list so I thought I would do the same this summer, even though we are well into July and I’m not sure I will get much reading done with a new baby. ūüėČ ¬†My goal is to read more and look at my phone less while feeding my little one….easier said than done! ¬†I loved that I got some suggestions from you all last year too! ¬†I read “Sparkly Green Earrings” after several people recommended it and I liked it a lot. ¬†Great read if you are a mom. ¬†I laughed a lot and could relate to what the author Melanie Shankle described. ¬†Here is what I’m reading this summer:

1. ¬†The Nesting Place-This is a quick and easy read with lots of inspiring pictures of home decor…my favorite! ¬†Myquillyn challenges us to stop trying to create the perfect home and just create a place where you and your guests can be comfortable to be who they are. ¬†She gives great tips on how to create a space that you love on a tight budget…even when you live in a rental. ¬†I love how she says “It doesn’t have to be perfect to beautiful.” ¬†Loving this book!


2. ¬†Sacred Chaos-Spiritual Disciplines For The Life You Have– I’ve been reading this for a while and little at a time and loving it! ¬†Tricia Rhoades is the wife of the pastor where we go to church and she is a wise woman! ¬†This book is meeting me right where I am at as a busy mom of two (a toddler and a newborn) and craving to deepen my relationship with God amidst the chaos that is my life right now. ¬†The chapters are short, which I love, and packed full of meaningful insight from Tricia. ¬†At the end of each chapter there are exercises you can do that don’t take a lot of time, but that can draw you closer to Jesus.


3. ¬†31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom– Arlene Pelicane is a family friend of my husband’s family and she has also spoken at my MOPS group. ¬†She’s a great writer and I am so honored to be apart of her launch team for her new book! ¬†It comes out August 1st so look for it soon! ¬†Life as a mom is wonderful, but it can be crazy, hard and draining too. ¬†“31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom” gives encouragement and wisdom to moms. ¬†Arlene’s book is broken down into 31 daily readings and each ends with an action step to take.


You can watch the book trailer here.  And if you pre-order the book anytime in the month of July (you have just a few more days) you can get these 3 free gifts:

10 Pesky Questions

Struggling with questions like ‚ÄúCan I watch just one more show?‚ÄĚ or¬†¬† ‚ÄúDo we have to go?‚ÄĚ? ¬†Arlene answers these questions and 8 other pesky common queries in¬†¬† this helpful resource.

Jump Start cover

Whether you had your baby last month or twenty years ago (ha!), Arlene will help you rid yourself of a few baby pounds.  This eBook is easy to read and easy to implement!


My Happy Chart is a place your child can write their tasks (i.e. homework, make bed, dishes…) and then check them off as completed.  I suggest paying a nickel or dime for every check completed without you nagging.

Find out how to get these free gifts when you pre-order here.

4. Breathing Room-Letting Go So You Can Freely Live– My husband just bought this one for our Kindle because it was on sale for a great price. ¬†Normally I love the physical book in my hand so that I can make notes, but I had been wanting to read this one for a while and couldn’t pass up this sale price. ¬†I had read Leanna’s book Found Art and loved it! ¬†Looking forward to diving into this one, cause let’s face it we all need a little breathing room…at least this mama does!

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So what are you reading?? ¬†Please share in the comments of email me. ¬†I’d love to get some great suggestions!

Happy Reading!

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