Mar 23 2015

Mommy Monday: Chores Toddlers Can Do

Happy Monday Everyone!

As parents my husband and I often talk about things we want to teach our children.  One of the things that is important to us that our son learns is to take responsibility and that he has an important part in making our household run.  I really want him to develop a strong work ethic and the best time to start that is now, even at two years old.  And actually, my son has been doing some “chores” for a while now.  I tried to make it a very positive experience so it would be more “fun” than “work.”  Sometimes we make it a game and sometimes it’s just “helping mommy.”  We’ve come up with some things that our little guy can do to help out around the house and also learn some responsibility.

1.  Put shoes away–  Whenever we come into the house from being outside we take off our shoes and have a basket we put them in.  Now, when I take off my son’s shoes he takes them and puts them in the basket.  He is very proud to “do his job.”


2.  Helps get his own snacks– We have a bottom drawer in our kitchen that hold all of our son’s plates, cups, bowls, spoons, etc. When he asks for a snack I will tell him to get a bowl.  Or if I’m putting away clean dishes he sometimes helps to put away his dishes in the drawer.

3.  Puts dirty clothes in hamper–  At bedtime when we put pajamas on, my little guy is in charge of putting his dirty clothes in his hamper which is right inside his closet and easily accessible to him.  He gets a little excited about this and has been known to put clean laundry in there too! :/

4.  Help do laundry–  When I do laundry, he will help me carry the laundry baskets or I will give him a small one of his own to carry.  Then he helps me load the clothes into the washer and loves to push the button to start it.  Because we have been doing this for a while and I really praise him for being a big helper he loves doing laundry now!

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5.  Help fold laundry– After I bring in the clean laundry I dump the basket on the couch and my little guy hands me each piece to fold and sometimes tries to fold it on his own. :)


6.  Put clean socks/clothes away– After we fold laundry my son helps me carry it to the bedrooms and he knows that putting away his clean socks is his job.  He really likes doing it and confirms to me that children want responsibility even at a young age.


7.  Clean up spills-Once in a while 😉 we have some spills around here and sometimes they are not always accidents.  When it happens my son gets a towel from the drawer and helps me clean it up.  He actually wants to do it “all by himself.”

8.  Pick up toys-This is a big one!  The amount of “picking up” that us moms do is insane, right?!  Before we get ready for bed each night we clean up the living room and playroom.  Sometimes we put the timer on and see if we can have it cleaned up by the end.  Or we put on music to clean up to.  We definitely don’t do this perfectly every day and there are some days I’m left cleaning up toys after he is in bed, but establishing this habit is important as our kiddos get older.

9.  Throw trash away–  Don’t you love it when you little one comes to you with chewed up food they don’t want or a piece of trash?!  😉  My son is in charge of throwing away his own trash in the trash can.  He also likes helping daddy take out all the trash in the house on trash day.

What kinds of chores do your toddlers do at home?  I’d love some more ideas!

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