Mar 2 2015

Mommy Monday: DIY Rainbow Counting Book

I have been in clean out mode lately!  Trying to get rid of stuff and organize!  Anyone else with me?  While I was cleaning I came across some assignments that were art projects I did while taking a class in college on how to teach art to elementary students.  I found this Rainbow Counting Book and thought it would be fun to share with you in case you wanted to make this with your kiddos.  I really love the concept of making a counting book out of your kids art!

rainbow counting book

First, you would have your kiddos finger paint on paper.  You could also do different kinds of paintings for each page like mine.  The paintings became the flowers on each page.

rainbow counting book2

When it’s dry, decide what shapes you want to make in your counting book.  I did tulips for mine, but you could choose anything.  You could even do something different on each page.  You could trace an object with a pencil or simply just cut out your shape from the finger painting.

rainbow counting book3

Then, to make the book part, cut construction paper (pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue) different lengths to get the staggered look.

rainbow counting book4

Help your child glue on the objects you cut out onto each page.  Next, write the title and numbers on each page.  Then staple it together to make a book.  You could also laminate each page before putting it together.

rainbow counting book5

Enjoy helping your child practice counting and learning their numbers!

rainbow counting book6

Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Marissa, Love, Love all the projects you share with us! I have been doing a lot of organizing and sharing it on FB. Take a peak at my FB page if you like.Monica

    Monica on said:
    • Thank you so much Monica! That is sweet of you to say. How great that you are organizing! I would love to check out what you are doing…how do I find you on Facebook? on said:

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