Jan 26 2015

Mommy Monday: DIY Child’s Prayer Book

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had some beautiful weather here in Southern California.  Monday came too quick!!

Today I want to share a quick project that you can make for your kiddos.  Several years ago I made a prayer book for my nephew that turned out really cute so I decided to make one for my son as well.

prayer book

It is so simple and easy.  The idea is to flip through the book and pray for the loved one’s in the pictures.  It’s also great for learning family and friends’ names when your child is very young.

prayer book9

prayer book7


prayer book6

Here’s what I used to make the prayer book:


-photo book (I bought mine at Michaels…with a coupon of course!)

-photos of family and friends printed out 4×6

-scrapbook paper

-photo corners

-chalkboard paper (I got this at Micahels as well in a roll)

-White paint pen

-glue or tape


1.  Cut the scrapbook paper to size so it fits in the sleeves of your photo book.

2.  Glue or tape one photo onto each piece of scrapbook paper.  You can add photo corners like I did.  I still glued down my picture because I wasn’t sure if they would stay put with just the photo corners.

3.  Cut the chalkboard paper or paper or your choosing and glue underneath the photo.  Write the names of the people in the photo on the chalkboard paper using the paint pen.

prayer book8

4.  I made a quick cover using some of the chalkboard paper.

My son loves flipping through his prayer book and looking at all the people he loves!

prayer book3


prayer book2


prayer book10

This was great for us because we have some family that lives far away.  My son learned their names quickly with this book.  Now that he is a bit older we will start using the book to pray for the family and friends inside!

I hope you have a great day!

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