Jan 19 2015

Mommy Monday: It’s The Little Things in Motherhood-Kermi

This little guy gave us a scare about a week ago.


If you know my son or follow me on Instagram you have probably picked up on that Kermi is an important member of our family.  I even started a hashtag #ohtheplaceskermigoes.  In fact, we don’t go ANYWHERE without him, which is what got us into trouble in the first place last week.  We have been very lucky to have taken him on numerous shopping trips, vacations, stayed with him in several hotels, visited the zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and gone on bike rides around the neighborhood, all ending with him returning safely home.  He’s been dropped and dragged more than I can count and has lived to tell about it.

A while back on Instagram I posted this picture of Kermi with a caption that said “Someday Kermi won’t be such a big part of our family.  I want to remember these sweet times and capture the little details of our life at each stage.”


Well….that day that he wouldn’t be apart of our family anymore…I figured it would be in the very far future when my son was a teenager. 😉 I didn’t think about the fact that we could lose him and that would be it.  Last Sunday, we went to church, with Kermi of course, like always.  After church I looked for Kermi, like I always do, to make sure he was with us…and he wasn’t there!  My husband ran back in to find him, but with no luck.  I had to check for myself!  But I came back empty handed too :( .  The dreaded day had come!  Luckily my mom had bought a back up Kermi (genius, right?!).  I gave him to my son and held my breath…He looked at the impostor and looked at me and said “new Kermi mama?” and then went back to what he was doing.  Relief came over me, but then so did sadness.  was sad!  I wanted the old Kermi back!


I don’t really remember my son without Kermi.  Kermi was a Christmas gift from grandma (my mom) to my sweet little boy when he was only about 2 months old.  From the very beginning, he loved his Kermi.  It brought him comfort and joy.  Sure he had grown shaggy, his arms were atrophying, the thread on his eyes coming undone, been washed a million times in his short life, but all that just showed how much he was loved.  I prayed that Kermi would come back to us. (Yes, I prayed for a stuffed animal :) ).  We had shared so many sweet memories with that shaggy little green frog and I wanted to make more with him as my little boy grew.







It got me thinking about all the little and wonderful ways my life has changed since becoming a mom.  Sure I have less sleep and more laundry, but I also have more laughs, more smiles, and more joy.  I find myself excited to see a bus or cement mixer coming down the road so I can point them out to my little man and watch him squeal with delight.  I know all of the characters to Thomas The Tank Engine, I find cute little tiny socks on my living room floor, I am constantly humming “Jesus Loves Me” all day, and I pray for stuffed animals.  And I wouldn’t change that for the world!

Embrace The Camera: Day 5

Luckily this story has a happy ending!  When we showed up to MOPS this week at our church Miss Susan said she had something for Luke!  It was Kermi!!!  My little guy was a little confused to hold two Kermies in his hand, but mama was so excited to have our Kermi back!  It’s the little things in motherhood, isn’t it!  Haha!  Welcome home Kermi and thanks for reminding us to enjoy the little things!


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Have a great day, everyone!

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5 comments on “Mommy Monday: It’s The Little Things in Motherhood-Kermi

  1. What a sweet story with a very happy ending!

    I had to reset my phone and lost all my contacts so shot me a text when you can! I’d love to see you!

    Maritza on said:
  2. Oh no! Not Kermi! What does he think of having two now that you found the original? So funny that he recognized the new one right away! We have a similar situation with Corinne’s beloved “sleep square.” I’ll tell you about it sometime.

    Allison on said:
    • The silly things us moms go through right, Allison!! Haha! I put the new Kermi in safe hiding in case he is needed again 😉 I want to hear the sleep square story next time I see you!! :)

      allingoodtwine@gmail.com allingoodtwine@gmail.com on said:
  3. Aww, Kermi is back! Kermie represents the friend outside Mom and Dad that is our constant companion and brings us comfort …. just like Jesus is to Luke and us – always with us.

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