Jan 5 2015

Mommy Monday: Kid’s Train Birthday Party + party planning tips

Hi Friends!!

It’s been a LONG time!  We took a bit of a break but we are back!!  We missed you all!  Today I wanted to share with you my son’s train birthday party (yep, it was in October and I’m just now getting around to posting about it…better late than never, right?).  I also wanted to share some tips that have helped me when party planning to simplify and get the most out of the money you spend.  My little guy loves trains so we went with that theme this year.  I started the party planning and prep a little later than I normally do which caused me to simplify a bit.  Plus I had A LOT of help from my mom and sister!

train party 09


My husband helped me make the railroad crossing signs.  Super easy and cheap.  A couple cuts, nails, paint, and letters modge podged on and done!

train party 10


The birthday boy loved the train theme and eagerly awaited his guests!

train party 12


I kept the decor pretty simple and used tissue pom poms, crepe paper and circle garland to add some color.


train party 01


train party 08


train party 20


I didn’t plan any games because the kiddos are still pretty small.  I had some train coloring sheets for them to do, but mostly they ran around outside.

train party 06

train party 07


We ate outside on long tables family style.  I kept it pretty simple with white table cloths, burlap runners, sunflowers, lanterns and some toy trains that my Great uncle Roger made…I loved incorporating those into the party!


train party 25


train party 23


For food we had pulled pork sandwiches (super easy in the crock pot!) and sides to go with it.  Thanks to my mom who did all the cooking!  We had a “fueling station” for guests to snack on.  That was a big hit with the kiddos!


train party 18


train party 19


train party 27


My mom made this adorable train cake that the birthday boy went nuts over!

train party 21


train party 37


train party 38


The kids had a blast together!  So grateful for wonderful friends and family who made the day extra special!

train party 34


train party 33


train party 30


train party 31


For party favors, we gave away little bubbles with an adorable tag that my sister made!

train party 03


train party 04


It was such a great day.  The birthday boy had so much fun!  I still can’t believe he is two!

train party 35

train party 39

Tried and True Tips:

-Find a theme that your child likes.  It will make him/her excited and the ideas will come more naturally to you since it’s an interest of your child’s.  I was also able to use a lot of things we already had around the house like my son’s train for the wreath and other trains for table decor.

-Pinterest is your best friend when you are party planning!  Create a board for the party and pin away.  Come back to it for tutorials and source lists.

-Keep the guest list small.  Invite just a few families of kiddos the same age.  It cuts down on the amount of food and supplies you need and I found that it gave me more quality time enjoying my guests.  If the guest list is too large I end up feeling like all I did was run around hosting and I didn’t get to connect with everyone.

-Keep the menu simple.  We chose pulled pork sandwiches because we could buy the meat in bulk and then put it in the crock pot…super easy!  It was filling and yummy!  Add a few sides and you are set!

-Use things around the house for decor.  You probably already have things you can use that will go with your theme.

-To save on money borrow things from friends and offer them to do the same.  I had been looking for red lanterns to buy, but borrowed them from my friend, Jennie, and saved myself some money!

-Use paper and fabric for lots of decor ideas.  It’s a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck!  It’s amazing what you can do with a yard of fabric.  I love making the pennant banners.  They add great color and are so festive.  With a coupon you can get some fabric for $3/yard or maybe even cheaper!  Scrapbook paper can also go a long way.  I use it for banners, circle garland as well as extra color on tables for runners and/or place mats.  Crepe paper is inexpensive (try the 99 cent store) and can add a lot to your decor.

-After the party if you don’t know what to do with the party decor and don’t think you will resuse it, try selling it to your friends on Facebook or other places.  You can create more space in your garage and get back some of the money you spent on the party.  Someone else will appreciate not having to do all the work too!  It’s a win win!

Are you planning any parties coming up?  I hope some of these tips will help make it less stressful and easier on your wallet so that you can enjoy the company of your guests!

For more ideas on parties you can click around below:

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11 comments on “Mommy Monday: Kid’s Train Birthday Party + party planning tips

  1. What a beautiful birthday writeup! If every child had even a fraction of what you created for their birthday, they would grow up feeling loved each year… which is key to their early years – to feel loved and valued by family and friends.

    • Thank you so much Marcia! I hope he felt very loved! It was such a fun day and I’m so glad that you and David were apart of it!

      allingoodtwine@gmail.com allingoodtwine@gmail.com on said:
  2. WOW!! So adorable! Everything looks like Pinterest perfection. :) I’ll have to hire you to do Corinne’s bday party when she turns 2! Heehee! :)

    Allison Wardrip on said:
    • Thanks Vena!! It was fun to see how much my little guy enjoyed the train theme! Hope you have a great week!

      allingoodtwine@gmail.com allingoodtwine@gmail.com on said:
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