Oct 13 2014

Mommy Monday: Busy Bag Swap

Happy Monday to everyone!

Today is my little guy’s 2nd birthday!  I can’t believe he is two already!  I love this little guy so much!  He brings us such joy!  This weekend we had a small party with family and a few of his friends.  It was a train theme, hence the conductor hat and bandanna.  I’ll share more on that later!  :)

2nd birthday

On to Mommy Monday!  I mentioned last week how I was feeling overwhelmed and failing at planning preschool activities for my little guy.  He is only two  so I know that it isn’t crucial to have organized lessons, but I feel like our days are much smoother if we have things planned.  Plus he is ready to learn and loves “learning time.”  He already knows his colors and some of his letters and he even know how to spell his name!  I know I need to keep challenging him so that he doesn’t get bored.

Part of the problem is just time…it is hard to find time to plan and prep activities that he can do.  So I thought, why not divide and conquer.  I decided to organize a busy bag swap with some moms from my MOPS group.  I posted on our MOPS Facebook page to see who was interested.  The idea is to make activity bags that your kiddos can do with little or no help from you.   We had 7 moms who wanted to join in so each mom found one activity to make and prepped 7 (one for each of the participants).  All activities were for ages 2-3.  We posted what activity we each were going to do on Facebook so that there were not duplicates.  We then swapped them at one of our MOPS meetings and all went home with 7 awesome activities for our little ones to do!!  How great is that?!  I only had to think and prep for one!  It’s all about thinking smarter not harder as a mom.  We are all in this together and it’s so nice to work together and help each other out!

Below are the activities that we came home with:

This first activity is helpful in learning shapes and colors.  The paper and shapes are all laminated.  I added the velcro.  My son LOVES this one!

busy bags-shapes


This one practices patterns.  It came from The Measured Mom who has tons of great ideas for educational activities for your little ones.  It came with two different sheets, again everything is laminated so it will last longer :)  The possibilities with this one are endless if you want to make your own pattern practice.  My little guy loves the trucks.  You could do animals, shapes, toys, etc.  It also has velcro which is super fun for little ones too!

busy bags-patterns


You may recognize this activity from a Mommy Monday post I did not too long ago.  If you would like the activity sheet to go with it send me an email (click on contact us at the top of our page) and I would be happy to send it to you.

busy bags-wee sing and learn colors


This activity is a puzzle on Popsicle sticks that when put in the right order will make a picture.  Super cute idea!

busy bags-puzzle


Fine Motor skills is always great to work on with your toddler.  The next activity has the kiddos using tongs to transfer the pom poms from one container to the next.

busy bags-fine motor


This next activity is a great idea and goes along with my last Mommy Monday post about sorting colors.  In this activity,  you can sort by color or noodle shape.  My little guy has enjoyed this one and it keeps him occupied for a while!  :)

busy bags-colored pasta

The last activity uses colored popsicle sticks with magnets glued on to them and comes with a bunch of paper clips.  You can practice counting and colors.  I might even get some colored paper clips to go with it so that my little one can match the paper clip with the colored popsicle stick.  The magnets alone were a huge hit with my little one!

busy bags-magnets

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Hope you all have a great week!

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