Oct 1 2014

The Honest Company-My Honest Opinion

Since becoming a mom a lot of things in my life have changed: more laundry, more stuff, more crying (not just the baby), more laundry, and less sleep to name a few.  I have also made some changes to our lifestyle to fit our growing family’s needs.  I started to become more aware of all the harmful things that my baby could come in contact with (I should have been aware before I had a little one, but there’s nothing like seeing your heart walking around to get you to notice those kinds of things).  And many of those harmful things were cleaning supplies I was using in my own home! I decided I didn’t want to clean my house with anymore harsh chemicals, so I set out to find an alternative.

Luckily I found the Honest Company!  It was started by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan.  All of their products are non toxic.  This summer, Jessica’s book, The Honest Life, was on my summer reading list.  It is a fun read and it is a great resource.  I learned so much, but most importantly was to not go overboard, but to just make small changes where I can to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Honest Life

I have tried to do just that.   Sometimes I go all in and get overwhelmed and can’t keep it up, so I decided to take baby steps to create real change.  I started with the Diaper bundle (includes wipes) from the Honest Company because my little guy was having lots of diaper rashes using other brands of diapers. I didn’t even realize all the harsh chemicals that can be found in diapers. Once I switched his diaper rashes cleared up and were a whole lot less frequent.  From there I tried their cleaning supplies little by little.  Along with my diaper bundle I get their essentials bundle (which comes with 5 items such as cleaning supplies, of your choosing as often as you’d like-you can set the shipment schedule!)  Isn’t that great?  It’s great to get diapers and cleaning supplies delivered right to my door and it’s free shipping on orders of $50 or more or if you order 2 bundles.  If you want to try out their products you can get samples sent to you, first.

The other great thing about the Honest Company is that they have amazing customer service, one of the best I’ve ever seen!  Whenever I call, the person on the other line is so friendly and willing to help.  One time I received a soap container that had spilled a little and they shipped me a new one right away.  They also have promotions every once in awhile that you can take advantage of if you follow Honest on Instagram and Facebook.  I also love that as a company they give back to the community.

By now I have used many of their products and wanted to give you all a review of what I have loved and what has not worked as well for us.

honest company cleaning supplies

Cleaning Products I love:

-multi-surface cleaner- I use it on everything and love it!!!!

-glass + window cleaner-smells like vinegar until it dries in case you dislike the smell of vinegar (I like the smell!)

-dish soap-I love the different scents.  They smell so fresh and clean!  I use this everyday to wash dishes.

-hand soap

-auto dish washer gel

-rinse aid

-dish towel- a bit on the small side but works for us

-fruit + veggie wash

-laundry detergent-a must with my boys’ sensitive skin!

-stain remover- I am very pleased at how well this gets out stains!

-toilet cleaner-this is awesome!


Baby Products I love:

-diapers-love all the cute patterns they offer and they are always coming out with new ones!


-diaper rash cream

-shampoo and body wash-I use this on my son for his baths and love it.

Products that haven’t worked well for our family:

-sunscreen- it worked good but, it was too greasy for me.  They have new sunscreen spray that I haven’t tried yet.

If you are interested in purchasing from Honest I would love it if you would do so through my link.  For referrals I can earn a $20 credit on my account and you can too if you become a member!  Another great perk!  Thanks so much!

I hope this has helped if you’ve been thinking of trying out the Honest Company or had been looking to swtich to non toxic cleaning supplies or baby items.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at allingoodtwine at gmail dot com.

*this post was not sponsored by the Honest Company.  As always all opinions are my own.

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  1. I remember you telling me about their great customer service and I have to agree. It is THE best. Yesterday I received by diaper bundle and they sent one wrong size. I called and they immedietly sent out the correct item and let me keep the other. Love their complany for convenience and service!

    • I’m glad you’ve had a great experience too, Erin! I love supporting companies I believe in and that have great customer service!

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