Sep 29 2014

Mommy Monday: Sorting Colors Activities

Happy Monday Everyone!

Do you ever put pressure on yourself as a mom?  I have big ideas of sitting down each week and planning out of all the things I’m going to do with my little guy, fun activities that are educational and creative.  Well, that hasn’t happened yet.  Most of the time I’m just flying by the seat of my pants, exhausted and worn out and trying to keep up with every day life!  I get overwhelmed with all there is to do and trying to do it well.  Last week, I realized that I don’t need to have the perfectly organized lesson, I can just use teachable moments and practical things we already have on hand and learning will happen.

Last week, we were playing with his cars on the floor and I was asking him to tell me the colors of each of his cars.  He is really good with his colors at this point so I thought we would take it to the next level and try sorting colors.  I lined up some cars, one of each color.  I pointed to each car and said the color and he repeated.  Then I picked up a car from the basket and asked him what color it was and where it should go. Then I placed it under the right color car.  I modeled this several times .  He started to catch on.  He didn’t always place them in the right place, but he was starting to get the hang of it.

toy cars


I then looked around the house and thought about what I had that we could sort into colors.  The letter magnets on the fridge!  We went there next.  Again, I modeled it several times.

magnetic letters


Being a former teacher and crafter and daughter of my father 😉  I save a lot of stuff.  You never know when it might come in handy, right?!…especially with a toddler!  I had saved an empty egg carton and I had some puff balls (do they have an official name? ) in my craft stuff so I decided we could sort those.  There were lots of colors so I just started with a couple and of course modeled sorting them lots of times.  Then I would hand him one and he would sort it.  He was definitely getting the hang of it and by the end he could sort all of the colors.

puff balls 2

And then things started to get a bit silly and crazy and we had puff balls everywhere!  He makes things fun and exciting!

puff balls everywhere


Other color sorting activities:

*sort blocks

*dye some uncooked pasta different colors and sort them

*On a poster write color names at the top using coordinating color markers.  Cut out magazine pictures that represent the colors (ex: yellow school bus, red wagon, etc.).  With your child, glue them on the poster under the correct color.

*Make color cards using paint chips.  You can use the tutorial here and find other color activities as well.

*Find things around the house and put them in piles according to color.

I encourage you mamas of toddlers to use what you have and what your children enjoy to teach them and make learning fun.  It doesn’t have to be an elaborate lesson or something you stress over.  Talk to your kiddos, point things out to them.  Count the wheels on their trucks, find shapes on their toys or around your house, teach them vocabulary by pointing things out in books and saying the name, tell them the colors of their food.  If you have other ideas please share!

In other news, the winner of the All In Good Twine Birthday Giveaway is… Allison M.  Congratulations!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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  1. Great ideas Marissa! I’m impressed with your creativity. Idea: what if instead of planning ‘lessons’ ahead, you keep a calendar diary of what you’ve did? That will come in handy when you write an ebook on raising/ training children. (You can do it, though you maybe never though of it!)

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