Sep 22 2014

Mommy Monday: Fall Art Activity for Kids

Happy Monday Everyone!

The weekends go by too fast!!  We went to the zoo on Saturday and had  a blast!  For those of you following me on Instagram you may have seen the picture below.


It was such a fun day!!!  He had a blast seeing all the animals and shouting our their names!  I’m not sure who had more fun, my little one or me watching my little guy beam.  It was really neat to watch all that he has been learning about in his books come alive in a new way for him.  He is so verbal so this time around to the zoo he could express so much more.  I was wearing a black and white striped shirt that day and in the morning before we left, he pointed at my shirt and said “zebra!”  I love all the connections his little mind is making!!

Today, for Mommy Monday, I wanted to share a fun fall art activity you could do with your little ones.  We started out by reading “Fall Leaves Change Colors” by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld.  Some of it was above my little guys head, but that’s ok.  He’s being exposed to new ideas and vocabulary.  You could choose any book about fall.


After we read the story we went outside and looked for leaves.  I showed him the green ones and then we found some that had changed color.  We collected a few, but not before he tried to eat one!!! Ahhh!  Not sure where that came from!  I think he’s used to picking vegetables from our garden.   Anyways, back inside we did a crayon resist art piece.  I drew different kinds of leaves with brown crayon on a piece of cardstock and then my little one used watercolors to paint over it.  The crayon resists the water so the leaves stand out.  My little guy had a blast!

crayon resistence art

For more activity ideas check out our fall activity list that is also a free printable!  Or follow my “fall” or “preschool” boards on Pinterest.  If you would like to read more Mommy Monday posts enter Mommy Monday into the search feature on our right sidebar.

Have a great Monday, friends!

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