Sep 17 2014

Baseball Themed Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago I threw my husband a surprise party for his 30th birthday.  Keeping this secret from him was tricky.  There were a lot of late nights secretly working on DIY projects, running errands during lunch and hiding party decor!  The theme came easy; my husband loves baseball and the rest just kind of fell into place.  The baseball themed birthday party was a hit!

Baseball Themed Party

While family and friends waited for the birthday boy to arrive there were plenty of snacks to munch on at the “Concession Stand”.  They included the usual goodies you’d find at a baseball game: peanuts, popcorn, red vines, sunflower seeds, cracker jacks, and bubble gum.  Guests could also help themselves to chili cheese nachos.  I made the concession stand sign and hung it from a large poster board that Marissa helped me wrap in burlap.  It was a cheap easy back drop for the table and I can easily use it again for another event by simply switching out the sign.  If you are interested in a custom sign for your event, send us an email!

Concession Stand

concession stand 2

The bushel baskets were a great find.  They were 40% off at Michaels and I had a 25% off entire purchase coupon.  If you need several baskets for your party, this is a great cost-effective option.  Striped and gingham wax papers lined the baskets.  The chalkboard food labels were another DIY project.

bubble gum

I cut paper lunch bags in half with decorative scissors for guests to keep all their snacks in as they munched on them throughout the party.  I made the little baseball stickers with a circle punch and cut the “30” with my Cricut machine.  The “stitching” was a red sharpie.  I made a few extras and attached to skewers for dessert toppers and stuck a few in the jars of flowers.

treat bags

I found the kraft paper food boats at Hobby Lobby and they were perfect to serve the nachos and hot dogs in.


I kept the menu simple with hot dogs and all the fixins, macaroni and cheese, nachos, potato salad and fruit salad.  Guests could choose from a variety of hot dogs noted on the chalkboard menu or come up with their own combination.  Popular ones included: The All American Dog, Chicago Dog, Chili Cheese Dog and The New Yorker Dog (my favorite: sauerkraut, onions and spicy brown mustard…yum!).

The Fixins


Beverages: We filled galvanized buckets with ice to keep a variety of beer, sodas and water cold.  I also had a mason jar drink dispenser filled with lemonade for the kiddos.



Entertainment: We had lawn games set up like croquet and bocce ball.  My sister in-law Erika brought beach balls (no baseball event is complete without one :) ) and the kids & adults had so much fun hitting them around.

Decor: Marissa made this adorable red white and blue fabric bunting that we hung from the roof.  If you are interested in a custom-made bunting send us an email!  The food tables had simple white linens with a burlap runner down the center.  Mason jars filled with sunflowers were placed around the tables where the guests ate.  The sunflowers were simple, inexpensive and added a nice pop of color.  At the end of the event I realized that I had forgotten to put up the circle garlands I had made in coordinating scrapbook paper.  Bummer!  You win some, you loose some…I’ll use them for a future party!



I found some inexpensive paper mache numbers at Hobby Lobby that I spray painted red.


Dessert: My husband isn’t a cake, ice cream or pie person, so coming up with an idea for dessert was a little difficult!  But my mom came up with the best idea…brownies.  To keep things easy, we scooped the brownies out of the baking dish with a large spoon instead of cutting the brownies into squares and served them warm out of the oven.  Guests could top with ice cream and chocolate syrup.


The Birthday Boy!  He is the sweetest man :) .   I don’t deserve him, he truly does so much for me, so I wanted his 30th to be a great one!


All in all I think the party was a success!  My husband was surprised; guests left full and I think everyone had a good time.  Most of all my family and I made it through a month without letting anything slip out about the party!  Thanks everyone who helped me pull the party together and for everyone who came to celebrate!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you all have a great rest of the week.

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