Sep 15 2014

Mommy Monday: Fall Activity List

Happy fall y’all!

Unfortunately, it is not feeling like fall here in San Diego.  It is still toasty, and into the high 90s this week.  While we are dreaming of cooler weather over here I thought it would be fun to start thinking of some fun fall activities we can do when it cools down.    My sister made this awesome Fall Activity List last year and I think that it would be so much fun to do with little ones as well!  Feel free to use it.  Right click and save to your computer.

Fall Activity List 1


Some other great fall activities that you could do with your kiddos are:

*read a book about fall

*go outside and collect some fall leaves or better yet rake them into a pile and jump in!

*Cut an apple in half, dip it in paint and let your little one use it as a stamp to make art.

*Do a crayon resist: Trace leaves with a crayon in fall colors.  Then watercolor over them.  The crayon will resist the watercolor and give a pretty effect.

*Have your child help you make their Halloween costume.

*Build a fort and drink apple cider under it.

*Write a poem about pumpkins.

*Have your kids help you make this fall rag garland.

*Carve a pumpkin and roast the seeds.

*Make a chart with five columns and write one of the five senses at the top of each column.  Brainstorm fall things for each sense.

*Make a fall collage with magazine pictures.

*Paint pumpkins using your little one’s thumb.

*Start a gratitude journal with your kids and add at least one thing to the list each day.

What are some of your favorite fall activities to do with your kiddos?  Follow my fall pinterest board for more ideas.  I’m linking up with Bloom Designs.

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