Sep 10 2014

Tailored Fitness and a Giveaway!

Hi Friends!

I have never been one to workout consistently.  In the past I’ve tried jogging, gym memberships, and dance classes; but nothing has ever stuck with me or been enjoyable…until I found Tailored Fitness.  I love it for so many reasons, one of which is that I don’t have to leave home to exercise.  If you are a mom or just a busy woman this is such a great workout option because you can do it right from home! With a two year old, leaving to go to the gym is just not an option for me at this point in my life.  (Let’s face it, even if I didn’t have a two year old I wouldn’t make it to the gym). Tailored Fitness provides customizable workout videos that you stream through your computer or tv.   You build your own workout pulling from videos from different categories (warm up, cardio, upper body strength, core, etc.)  New videos are always being added which makes the possibilities endless.  You are not having to do the same workout video day after day.  It keeps your workouts fresh and interesting.


It’s also affordable.  Gym memberships and classes can be expensive. Tailored Fitness offers a free 14 day trial and then from there if you want to become a member it’s just $19 a month.  With the Tailored Fitness membership you are getting more than just the workout videos.  You can participate in virtual classes that have trainer designed workouts, nutrition tips, accountability, and support.  Not to mention you can earn points and prizes!  This has been so motivating for me!  They even have workouts for prenatal and postnatal fitness.  I also get emails asking how my workouts are going and if I have any questions or concerns. I always get a timely, thoughtful response.  You can also be a part of the Tailored Fitness private Facebook page to get further information, encouragement, and support.

Before joining Tailored Fitness I was exhausted and didn’t feel confident about my body.  Since joining Tailored Fitness I have gotten into a workout routine and I am actually enjoying working out!  I even look forward to it!  I have more energy and I feel better about myself.  And I just love the heart behind the company.  The co-owner and  co-founder, Autumn Bonner is an inspiring fitness trainer, business woman, wife, and mom.  You can read more about her here as well as how and why she started Tailored Fitness.  She has guest posted for All In Good Twine in the past and has shared some great tips.  Check out 5 Exercises You Can Do With Your Toddler or Rediscovering My Style As A Mom

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I also wanted to let you know that Tailored Fitness is offering their next class free to everyone!!  You don’t have to be a member to take part in their Fit Jeans Challenge starting September 15th.  It will include four 15 minute workouts per week (September 15- October 12), nutrition challenges with recipes, and of course encouraging support throughout the challenge!   If you are a member, you can get lots of extras with this challenge including four 30-45 minute workouts a week, additional nutrition challenges, and the ability to earn prizes!


Join me in the Fit Jeans Challenge!  Let’s do it together!  You can sign up here.

And today one of our awesome readers can win a 2 month free trial of Tailored Fitness!  Make sure to enter below by using Rafflecopter.  You can earn entries by liking All In Good Twine and Tailored Fitness on Facebook, and by leaving a comment.

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Hope you all have a fabulous day!

*I was given a free trial period to Tailored Fitness to blog about my experience.  As always all opinions are my own.

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19 comments on “Tailored Fitness and a Giveaway!

  1. This week I have been doing what Autumn has posted on the Fit Jeans Challenge. I have done the gym, Jazzercise, dance, pilates, etc in the past. Other than that I spend my days chasing after 3 children 3 and under. Excited for the Fit Jeans Challenge and would love to win these 2 months of membership!

    Jennifer Throop on said:
    • Heidi, walking with little ones is a great workout! My little one doesn’t want to get in his stroller lately so I’ve been running after him on our walks! Haha! I have been loving the Tailored Fitness videos…so many great options I never get bored! on said:
    • Hi Sara! I think you would love Tailored Fitness!!! And your little guy is just precious! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Hope you are doing well. on said:
  2. Keeping up with my workout routine since having a baby has been rough, but throwing him in the stroller and going for a walk to the park or for a jog help a bunch!

    • I totally know what you mean, Jamie! That’s why I have been loving Tailored Fitness. Hope you are doing well. Your little one is getting so big! on said:

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