Aug 6 2014

Pottery Barn Finds Under $30

I could walk around Pottery Barn for hours (no, seriously I’m not joking…just ask my husband!).  Often I’m getting inspiration, or day dreaming of the things I wish I could take home with me.  Every so often I delightfully stumble upon some great finds, like last night when I was  browsing Pottery Barn online.  Many of the items are on sale, so they are going fast, and prices may change.  Everything shown below, besides the wooden bowl holding the apples, totals less than $250.00.  If you have a promotional code, it’s even less.

Pottery Barn Finds

One | Wood Gallery Frames

Two | Faux Hydrangea Branch

Three | Stassi Metal Hardware

Four | Oxford Turned Wood Pillar Candle Holders

Five | Green Apple Vase Filler

Six | Audrey Eyelet Applique Pillow Cover & Polka Dot Pillow Cover

Seven | Small Tuscan Urn

Eight | Perry Dark Tote Basket

These are some of my favorite decorating pieces.  Every room needs a “natural element” (wood, floral, greenery, fruit) even if it’s fake.  These faux hydrangea branches look great in the Tuscan urn shown above, the best part is you can’t kill them!  I have two of these urns, I love them so much!  The green apples look great in a glass apothecary jar or in a large bowl.  They make great decor in the fall season and everyone always comments on how real they look.

A great way to bring in pattern and texture is through fabrics.  I’ve had my eye on these pillows for a while now, unfortunately I don’t have the need for anymore (I have way to many as it is :) ).  I love a large basket  to store toss pillows and throws.

Have a large empty wall that needs some visual interest?  Try a gallery wall. Vintage botanical prints (like the one shown in our sidebar) would be perfect in the gallery wall frames.

Finally every room needs a DIY element.  Often times the items you make become conversation pieces and give the space a personal touch.  The gold pulls would be great for a little DIY project like this Chic Tray Courtney from A Thoughtful Place created.

I hope you got some decorating inspiration and find something that completes your space.  If you haven’t already, be sure to join Pottery Barn’s emailing list for exclusive sales and promotions.  They frequently offer free shipping and 15% to 20% off promotional codes.

*This post is not sponsored by Pottery Barn, I just like their store and products!

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