Jul 30 2014

Kids’ Playroom

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all having a great week so far!  Today I wanted to share our playroom with you all.  I’ve had several people tell me I should do a home tour so I thought I would start with the room we are in a lot of the time….you guessed it!  The Playroom!  When my son was born and the toys and gear quickly started to  pile up and take over our small living room, I knew we needed a solution.  We had a bedroom we were using as a den so we converted it into a playroom for my son.  It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made!  At the end of the night all the toys get put back in the playroom and we can enjoy a clean living room.  The only bummer about this room is that it doesn’t get a lot of natural light so sorry about some of the pictures!


I wanted to make a really cheery place for my little guy to play in and it doubles as storage for some of my craft supplies.  It’s a fairly small space so I needed some good storage.  We got two Ikea expedits and that has worked really well in storing toys as well as some craft supplies for me in the white boxes (also from Ikea).  We bought enough baskets to fill every other shelf so that most of the toys are out of sight, but my little guy has easy access to others like his books.  This has worked really well.





The 3 tiered organizer is from Pottery Barn and works well to store art supplies.  I got the mason jars at Walmart and used some chalkboard labels I got at Target to spruce them up a bit 😉


To add some color I made a fabric banner to go all the way around the room.  I got the fabric and ribbon from JoAnn’s.


I also took some of the same fabric in the banner and used my staple gun to attach it to canvases for picture frames.  I really love how they turned out!

playroom canvas photos


playroom canvas photos2

I have always wanted a huge classroom map in my house and the playroom was the perfect spot!  The colors go perfectly!  We got it off of Craigslist and then purchased a mount to hang it.  It’s my favorite thing in this room!



I got some wooden letters to spell PLAY from Michaels and painted them to match the room.



I made this crate stool for my classroom when I was a teacher and decided to make one for this room.  It’s the perfect little chair because it can be stored under the table and it can also be used as storage if you take the top off.  I will do a tutorial on this later.  The magnet board behind it is from IKEA and the curtains are from Target.



Most of the decor like the canvases with the bikes, and family rules as well as the frames, clock, green wire basket, and bowl are from Home Goods….one of my favorite places to shop for accessories!


Thanks for stopping by!  I’m linking up over at Bloom Designs.  Hope you have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Yeah!!! Love this. We had a great time playing in there when we came to visit. Keep up the room tours! I am inspired!

    Autumn on said:
    • Thank you so much, Carla!! I would love to see your finished product! I’m sure it will look great!!

      allingoodtwine@gmail.com allingoodtwine@gmail.com on said:

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