Jun 30 2014

Mommy Monday: Themed Play Dates

Hi Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend!  We got to spend some time with friends and got some good rest.  It was my favorite kind of weekend.  Today I’m back with a Mommy Monday post about play dates.

As a mom, play dates are what keep me sane!  Not only is it fun for kids and a great way to get them to socialize, but I think that it is just as needed for us moms.  It’s always great to get in some adult conversation, to share great mom tips, and get good advice for the stage you are in.  I also like them because it gives us something to do. We try to have at least 2-3 playdates a week.  It’s also a great way to make new friends and of course other kids’ toys are always way more interesting than our own 😉  !

My MOPS group has planned lots of activities for over the summer and there have been some great themed play date ideas.  Last Friday we went to a “Ice Cream play date.”  Everyone brought their own fruit and made a yummy frozen fruit dessert.  The kids played and the moms were able to fellowship!  It was a blast.

ice cream play date

Themed playdates can be really fun and help give the event a purpose and keep the kiddos interested and the moms don’t get bored either!  Some other ideas for themed playdates are:

-Park playdate: our MOPS group meets at a park every Wednesday

-Breakfast play date:everyone bring a breakfast item to share

-Scavenger Hunt playdate

-Bike Parade playdate: let the kids decorate their bikes, scooters, etc. and then let them parade down the street together.

-Dance Party playdate: come up with some games to play with music (musical chairs, freeze dance, etc.)

-Water play date: water table, water games, sprinklers, kiddie pool, etc.

-Library playdate: Our library has some great baby and toddler times.  You could meet their and after pick out some great books to borrow and take home.

-Weekend Family playdate:  We just did this and included the dads!  So much fun!

-Picnic lunch playdate: You could do this at a park or just in your backyard.  Lay out some blankets and prepare some food and enjoy!

-Obstacle course playdate: Set up a simple obstacle course (hula hoops, bean bag toss, cardboard box tunnels, etc.) and let the kiddos have a blast!

-Zoo playdate: The San Diego zoo has very reasonable prices for their annual passes and free parking!

-Craft playdate: One of the moms hosted this and did a Father’s Day craft.  Such a great idea!

-Beach playdate

Do you have some other ideas for playdates?  Please share!  If you are interested below are links to other Mommy Monday and kiddo related posts:

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We are so grateful for all of our readers and the friendships we have made through this little blog.  Thank you.  Hope you all have a great Monday

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