Jun 27 2014

Heaven Can’t Come Soon Enough

Do you ever just feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?  Some days I look around and see joy and laughter, but other days I see hurt and pain in the world.  Sometimes I’m so tired, and discouraged with loss and sadness and petty things that keep us from loving each other as we were intended to. I recently purchased this gorgeous print from Katy Girl Designs for my house as a constant reminder as I go through my daily activities and sometimes get bogged down with loneliness, and discouragement.  There is a lot of pain, but there is a lot of beauty in life.  Earth will never be the place I long for it to be, but I can be one who overcomes, who brings joy to someone’s day, who helps someone in need, who forgives, who includes someone who has been forgotten, and who raises a little boy to hopefully do the same.

Helen Keller quote 2

Everything is not ok, but it will be someday.  I long for that day, but until it comes I will look for ways to add beauty to the world around me.  Heaven can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Girls, very good! A book I would recommend is titled, How People Change by Tim Lane and Paul David Tripp. Very good theology of sanctification and practical app. It’s better than the usual Christian pablum of try harder with God’s help. It’s not necessarily about the beauty/pain dichotomy of the world, but it does deal with it. R

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