Jun 23 2014

Mommy Monday: Paint Chip Color Book

Hi Everyone!

I’m back with a Mommy Monday post to share the latest project I completed for my little guy…a paint chip color book!  It is super fast, easy, and free!  I hope you like it!

My little one’s brain is like a sponge.  He is constantly exploring the world around him and learning new things!  I’ve casually been “teaching” him his colors.  His favorite is definitely green :) .  I’ve seen some great ideas for color books online and decided to make one and put my own spin on it.

color book


-paint chip samples (it’s always nice to ask when taking them for a project)


-printer and paper

-glue stick

-marker (I used a chalk pen)

-hole punch


-laminator (or you can take it somewhere to be laminated)


1.  Find things around your house that go with each color of your paint chips.  I chose things that are familiar to my little guy.

2.  Print them wallet size from your computer and trim down if needed or desired.

3.  Glue each picture to the coordinating paint sample.

4.  Write the name of the color at the bottom of each paint sample.

color book 3

5. Laminate the paint samples and cut out.

color book laminating

6.  Punch holes at the top of each paint chip sample and put all cards on a ring.

color book 2

My little guy loves these!  He immediately went on a hunt looking for the items pictured on the cards.  It was a fun, unexpected game to play with the cards.  This also helps with his vocabulary in naming the items on the cards.

Some other ways you can use the cards would be:

*Say the colors and see if your toddler will repeat them.

*Say the name of the item on the card and see if your toddler will repeat it.

*Show your little one the card and ask what color it is.

*Go on a color hunt: Show one of the cards and go around the house finding/collecting things that are that color.

*As your child gets older, you could show three cards and then take one away and ask “Which color is missing?”

Do you have any other ideas on ways to use the color cards or games to play with them?  I’d love to hear your ideas!  Be sure to follow my baby/toddler and kids boards on Pinterest.  You can check out my other Mommy Monday posts here, here, here, and here.

Have a great day!  I’m linking up with Thoughts By Natalie and Bloom Designs.  Check out her site for lots of other thoughts and ideas about motherhood.

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