Jun 2 2014

Mommy Monday: 5 Fun Toddler Activities

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m back today to share with you some toddler activities to keep your toddler busy this week.

1.  Planting and caring for a vegetable garden-  This has become a regular activity at our house.  I love being in the yard and growing vegetables and now my little one does too!  There is actually a lot your toddler can do in the garden!  My guy loves to dig in the dirt, water, help plant seeds, throw clippings in the trash, pick the ripe vegetables, and of course eat them!






2.  Playing with pots and pans-  This is a great activity when you need to get dinner made and want to keep an eye on your toddler.  I let my little man pull them all out and go crazy!  Tupperware and plastic goods are in drawers at his level so he can play with those too.  His favorite is the salad spinner!  Then we sing the clean up song and he helps me clean it all up.

playing with pots and pans


playing with salad spinner

3. Water Table- Best investment ever!  My mom bought our little guy this one and it came just in time for summer.  He would spend all day at the water table if I let him.  His table came with some little accessories which are a lot of fun.  The one we got is a great price on Amazon.  You can find it here.

water table

4. Coloring Book- Such a simple one, but you can give it a little twist.  I have been teaching my little one his colors as we color in the coloring book.  We also go over vocabulary.  I have him point to things I say and then repeat them back to me.  I introduce him to new words as well.  It’s crazy how fast little ones at this age pick up new words!  Sometimes we add some stickers too!


5.  Kiddie Pool- This is one of my favorites.  As summer approaches we will spend many hours in the pack yard in the kiddie pool.  I dump some toys in and he will play for a long time, splashing and laughing.  Sometimes I climb right in with my little guy. (Remember to never leave your little one unattended in the pool)

kiddie pool

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Have a great week!

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