May 30 2014

Paper Fan Tutorial

Happy Friday!

As promised, today I’m going to share the paper fan tutorial that we used to make the paper fans for the Rainbow Ombre Shower we shared with you a few weeks ago.  There are several methods to make these, but I like the look of this method the best.  I added a step and decided to score my paper before folding accordion style and I’m so glad I did!  It made the folds cleaner and evenly spaced.  These paper fans can be made for any occasion.  These fans make the cutest party decor using them as backdrop to a food or dessert table.  Wouldn’t they be adorable as part of a backdrop for a family or kids photo shoot?  I’m already thinking of making some for the 4th of July using patriotic themed scrapbook paper!

Paper fans

Here are some I used for Mother’s Day lunch decor:

paper fans


  • (2) 12×12 scrapbook paper – same color
  • 2″ circle – cut with 2″ paper punch
  • paper cutter
  • scoring board
  • bone folder
  • glue gun & glue

Paper Fan Supplies



Paper Fan Tutorial


1. Cut each 12″ x 12″ paper in half.  After cutting you should end up with four 6″ x 12″ papers.

paper fan step 1

2. Using a scoring board and bone folder, score each piece of paper you cut in step 1 (laying the paper horizontally across the scoring board).  Make your first score 3/4″ in from the left edge.  There should be 3/4″ between each score.  (This step is optional, but I found the folds were cleaner and more evenly spaced when I continued to step 3)

paper fan step 2

3. Fold each piece of paper on the scored lines accordion style.  Edges should be folded downward (as shown below).

paper fan step 3

4. Using a glue gun, glue each piece of paper together, over lapping 1 accordion fold over the other creating one long piece of paper.

paper fan step 4

5. Glue the remaining ends together, forming a circle.  Take a closer look below:

paper fan step 5

6. Gather the inner edges of the circle, pushing down so that all the inner edges are touching each other until the paper fan shape forms.

paper fan step 6

7. Carefully push all the inner edges of the circle towards the center.

paper fan step 7

8. Turn the paper fan upside down, so the backside of the paper is facing up.  Using the glue gun, squeeze a generous amount of glue around the center of the fan in a circular motion, approximately 1″ in diameter.

paper fan step 8

9. Quickly place the 2″ circle paper over the glue and press down until glue has dried. (Be careful as the glue is very hot!).  The 2″ circle helps hold the fan together.  You may want to punch the 2″ circle out of the same color you are making the paper fan.  I used a different color so it would easily show in the pictures for the tutorial.    You could definitely glue one to the front side too if you like the look!

paper fan step 9

10. Turn the paper fan over and you are done!

paper fan step 10

Let me know if you have any questions!

ombre paper fans

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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5 comments on “Paper Fan Tutorial

    • Hi Peggy, So sorry we are just seeing this…we have taken a little break from blogging since both of us had babies in the last year . How did the paper fans turn out for your daughter’s wedding?! on said:
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  2. Beautiful, how did you attach them to the wall. Did you attach them all together first and then how do you put them onto a wall or mirror or whatever.

    Kathie Ferrandino on said:
    • Thank you Kathie! We didn’t attach them all together first. We taped them individually to the window with masking tape rolled to create double sided tape. Duck tape might work better and hold longer. Or you could attach them to a large poster board using a glue gun. Make sure whatever surface you attach it to is clean and free of dust/dirt so it sticks good. on said:

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