May 26 2014

Mommy Mondays: 5 Fun and Free Toddler Activities

It’s hard to keep a toddler entertained all day….Can I get an amen to that, all you mommies out there?!  A friend was asking me what are some activities that I do with my little guy so I decided to share some with you all.  I thought I would make this a weekly post so that you can have some ideas at the start of your week to keep your little ones having fun!  I love hearing what my friends are doing with their kids…fresh ideas and always so appreciated!

1.  Help with laundry- Sometimes the chores just need to get done, despite the fact that you have a toddler.  I have made it a game for my little guy and me.  He loves helping me with the laundry.  I give him a little basket with the washcloths and let him take it to the washing machine.  He loads them one by one and then I let him push start.  He thinks he is “big stuff” and is so proud that he helped mama.  Get your little kiddos involved even in the daily cleaning you need to do.  They enjoy it and the chores get done!

laundry helper 2


And sometimes he doesn’t make it to the washing machine and the laundry ends up in a heap on my floor!  Oh well!  That just means we laugh more and have fun in the process!

laundry helper

2.  Egg Hunts- Egg hunts don’t have to be just for Easter.  I keep the eggs out in a basket and we hide the eggs around the house or outside.  He loves to go looking for them and putting them in the basket.  It fills some time in our day and it wears him out! :)

egg hunting


egg hunting2

3.  Play Dough- Play dough is always fun!  I made my own in order to get a nontoxic play dough.  I laid down a vinyl tablecloth on the floor and put some play dough and cookie cutters on my little guy’s outdoor picnic table.  You could also let your little one do this in the highchair.  My girlfriend was over with her little one so the kids had fun playing and creating….even if it only lasted for about 15 minutes…right Kim?! 😉

play dough2


play dough

4.  Cooking- My little guy is big enough now that he can help me cook…sort of 😉  Since I was making him some play dough I thought he might enjoy pouring the ingredients in.  He stood on a chair and I stood behind him.  I would love to get one of these toddler towers from Amazon.  (I added it to our affiliate links on the right sidebar if you are interested.)  I measured out the ingredients and let him pour them in the bowl and then stir.  Sure, flour ended up all over him and my floor, but it was a big hit!




5.   Counting Cars- Counting Cars or anything for that matter is a fun activity.  We got all my little guy’s cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, etc. and lined them up on the floor.  Then we pointed to each one and counted them.  We also talked about the colors.  I was surprised at how long this lasted.  He rearranged and talked about them for awhile.  This is a good way to start developing one to one correspondence.  Click here for a great resource on one to one correspondence if you are interested in learning more about how to teach this to your little one.

counting cars

Click here for more activities to do with your toddler and check back next Monday for more ideas!

Happy Memorial Day and have a wonderful week!

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