May 16 2014

Rainbow Ombre Baby Shower

In April we had the privilege of helping to throw a baby shower for a good family friend or ours, Audrey.  Our families have known each other forever.  Our parents went to high school together and have been close friends ever since.  We have all taken turns throwing each other bridal showers and now baby showers.  It is so fun to do life together and celebrate these exciting events.

The shower was a rainbow ombre theme and it turned out great!  There were so many people involved in making this a special day for Audrey.  We are excited to share some of the shower details with you!

Rainbow Ombre Shower

The ombre baby sign was made with the Cricut machine and Marissa made the ruffled crepe paper draped behind it. The paper fans were a DIY project and provided a nice backdrop for the food table (we’ll do a tutorial on those soon).  The pennant chalkboard wreath may look familiar to you.  Marissa made it for her son’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear Birthday Party.  Alisa made a quick printable that you can download here: Rainbow Printable .  We made a rainbow ombre circle paper garland.  Take a peak at our shop if you would like to purchase one (we can customize the colors to fit your theme).

Paper fans

Here were the invitations I made for the shower.  Marissa helped me cut all the tiny 500+ strips of paper for the flags…she always seems to help me with my crazy, not thought through all the way, tedious projects :)  That’s what sisters are for right?  Other people would just say “ok well good luck with that I’ll catch you later!”  Call me crazy, but I truly enjoy doing things craft like this.



The mommy-to-be’s mom {Michelle} did the flowers!  Aren’t they so gorgeous?!  Love all the flowers she chose.  They added a nice pop of color to the tables.  She put them in glass vases which color coordinated with the flowers.


Our mom, Shaun, Tracy and Lauren were in charge of the food.  We kept it simple with a variety of yummy sandwiches, salads {BBQ Chicken, spinach and peanut coleslaw} and fruit.  Michelle had the idea to do fruit infused waters and we just love how they turned out.  They were tasty and the colors fit into our theme nicely!  Next week we’ll share the drink recipes that  Nikki, Carrie, Michelle and Lauren came up with.  They were so refreshing and great simple recipes to keep on hand to make your water more flavorful this summer!

Food and Beverages


The daddy-to-be’s mom took care of all the desserts.  Aren’t they beautiful?  We just love the ombre cake with the cute little elephant.  One of the cake layers was lemon cream cheese and was just to die for!  And look at the cute cake pop rattles!

Sweets and Treats

For one of the games we did a baby word scramble.  You can download a copy here if you’d like: Baby Word Scramble

Word Scramble

Tracy, had everyone guess whether they thought Audrey was having a boy or a girl.  People could choose a boy color paper or girl color paper and then write their name on it and add it to the chains depending on what they thought the gender was.  She even had some old wives tales that Audrey had answered to help people with their guess.  This turned out so cute!  Most people thought she was having a boy….look below to see if they were right!

Boy or Girl Guess

It’s going to be…..a girl!!!  Audrey’s sister Lauren was in charge of the gender reveal.  She was the only person who knew the gender and had been keeping it a secret for a long time (don’t know how she didn’t let it slip!).  Love the balloon idea.  So cute!!  Look how excited they look!




What a fun day it was!  We are so excited to meet baby girl Durna!!


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