May 8 2014

DIY Rosemary Lavender Bath Salts- MOPS Craft

Hi Everyone!

I’m back with another MOPS craft!  Yesterday we had spa day at MOPS.  It was wonderful!  We had a bunch of different stations that the moms could go to to pamper themselves.  What a treat!  The stations included brow waxing, facials, jamberry nails, sweets and treats, a foot soak, DIY bath salts, and a 5 minute massage station.  It was so lovely!

I was in charge of the DIY bath salts and I have some great tips on how to do this with a large group.  You could have your own spa day with your group of girlfriends!

DIY Bath Salts

I used the tutorial from Living Locurto but tweaked it to fit the size jars I had to work with.  With my husband’s help (he’s way better at math than I am) we came up with this recipe:

1/3 cups Epsom Salt

2 tablespoons Baking Soda

1 teaspoon sprigs fresh rosemary

1-2 drops of lavender essential oil (I used Do Terra).

The Epsom salt and Baking Soda I got from Target and the rosemary I cut from my yard.

rosemary lavender bath salts supplies


1.  Measure out and pour into your jar using a funnel: 1/3 cups Epsom Salt, 2 tablespoons Baking Soda; 1 teaspoon sprigs fresh rosemary and stir with a Popsicle stick.

2.  Add 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil.   Stir well so you don’t get little clumps.

3.  Choose a piece of fabric and place on top of your jar.  Use a rubber band and wrap around the top to secure it on.

4.  Take a tag and create a label for your bath salts: Rosemary Lavender Bath Salts

5.  Take a piece of precut twine, wrap around the jar, through the tag and tie a bow

6.  When ready to use pour some of your Rosemary Lavender bath salts into warm bath water and Enjoy!

A great money saver on this project was to use baby food jars (soaked to get the label off and washed).  The taller jars work the best.  For smaller jars you may need to use a bit less than the recipe calls for to fit in the jars.

Tips for doing this with a large group:

* Have instructions printed and put them in frames so they don’t get lost.

rosemary lavender bath salts instructions

*Prep before hand- chop rosemary, cut fabric circles, punch tags, cut twine.

rosemary lavender bath salts 3


rosemary lavender bath salts 2

*Do a sample so that you know it works and people can see the finished product.

*I grouped supplies at the table- one section for pouring and mixing ingredients and one section for packaging the jar with the fabric and twine.

rosemary lavender bath salts 4


rosemary lavender bath salts 5

*Have funnels for people to use.  It is hard to get the ingredients in without spilling if the mouth of your jar isn’t very wide.

*I had the ladies use Popsicle sticks to stir their bath salts.  This worked well since I had them on hand, we didn’t dirty a bunch of spoons, and the mouth of the jar wasn’t very wide so they fit.

This would be a great Mother’s Day gift or Teacher Appreciation gift!

Have a great day!

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