May 1 2014

May Day Tradition

Happy May Day Everyone!!  My mom called me this morning with a great idea.  When she was little she would pick a bouquet of flowers from her yard and give them to the elderly women next door every May Day.  I love that!  I decided to start that tradition with my little guy today.

may day tradition3

The house across the street from us is a nursing home.  I knew the ladies in that house would love a surprise visit from a cute little man carrying a bouquet of flowers!  And they did!  Isn’t he so cute!! He was very shy, but said “hi” and “bye bye” to all the people.  They really got a kick out of him.

may day tradition2

I just love brightening someone’s day.  It’s the little things in life that really make a difference.  I pray that my little man would grow up to help others, and go out of his way to do something nice for someone else.  I hope that he is compassionate and thoughtful.  Today brought a smile to my face watching him.  I think he’s on his way :)

may day tradition


Hope you have a great May Day!

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  1. Marissa, you have always be a very caring, thoughtful person! Is is so special to see you teaching your precious son those wonderful qualities!

    Barbara Moore on said:

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