Apr 25 2014

Photo Booth: Pick A Prop & Strike A Pose

We are here again today to share another little project we helped with for our friend’s wedding; the photo booth.  We chose a variety of props the wedding guests could have fun with: mustaches, cat eye glasses, bow ties, chalkboards, feather boas and an open picture frame.

Photobooth Table


Kim’s friend Kaylee Meinz made the cute “Photo Booth” sign for the table.  If you are interested in her custom calligraphy check out her Facebook page: Yours & Meinz.  Beautiful handwriting!

Photobooth sign

The photographer provided the backdrop frame and Kim (the bride) had burlap panels to hang for the backdrop.  Marissa created the adorable fabric bunting which matched the cake topper that she made for the wedding.  It was draped just high enough so that it would appear at the top of the pictures.  We have some handmade fabric bunting in our shop.  Contact us if you would like a custom made one with specific colors.


Michaels has an adorable photo booth prop collection.  They were so popular that they sold out completely and I was told they wouldn’t be ordering anymore.  I was so bummed as I needed a couple more mustaches.  My mom’s sweet friend was kind enough to pick some up at the store near her.  Good news is that I was just at my Michaels over the weekend and they have more props in stock.  Hurry before they sell out again!


The wooden props come unfinished.  I picked up some acrylic craft paint in colors that coordinated with the wedding: navy, yellow, white and black.  All of my paint (except for the black) was gloss finish, which I would recommend.  The black was matte finish, which I thought worked well for the mustaches.  I prefer using foam brushes with 1 inch tips for painting.  They don’t show the brush strokes like a bristle paint brush and the large surface area of the brush reduces painting time.  Apply the paint liberally as the wood really soaks it up.  The more paint, the glossier the finish.  I painted the front and back of the props, so no matter what way they were held up they would look great in the pics.  Once dry, I added some fun details like the polka dots on the bow ties (I used the end of the foam brush).  I used a toothpick to paint on the small dots on the cat eye glasses to make it look like little rhinestones (thanks for the idea Ron).

Tips: Place the wooden dowels of the props in a tall glass to dry (not plastic; it will tip over!).  When transporting the props, place them in individual plastic baggies (if you place them on top of one another they will stick together).


Kim – we just loved the photo booth idea, we all had so much fun!  It looked like the other guests did too!  Photos below were taken by Peter Thomsen Photography.  If you are looking for a photographer be sure to check them out!  They are located in the Santa Cruz area, but are available to shoot anywhere.  To see more photo booth pictures of the wedding and other props used (like the chalkboards and open frame) visit here.

Photography by Peter Thomsen

Photography by Peter Thomsen

Photography by Peter Thomsen

Photography by Peter Thomsen

Photography by Peter Thomsen

Photography by Peter Thomsen

Little cuties!  I love the crackers in his hand and the random arms in every direction!

Photography by Peter Thomsen

Happy Friday everyone!


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