Apr 7 2014

Mommy-to-be Encouragement Shower

Hi Everyone!

A couple weekends ago the ladies in our small group threw a baby shower brunch for our sweet Jeanine.  It was more like a mommy showering of encouragement.  It was a small intimate gathering of the girls in our bible study where we had a great time and loved on the mom-to-be.  This is my friend Jeanine.  She is going to be an amazing mom to her sweet little one!  I am so excited for her to enter into motherhood!

Jeanine's shower


jeanine's shower 6


Jeanine's shower3

For the shower we used the colors that Jeanine will be using in the nursery: red, turquoise, and yellow!  Aren’t they such fun colors together?!

shower decor 3


The garland on the chalkboard below is made from cupcake liners I got at TJ MAXX.


shower decor 5


For the table I used a vintage table cloth I already had and some antique vases and figurines.

shower decor 6


I changed out my mantle and used some things I already had that were in the color scheme.  The heart in the yellow frame was a quick DIY.  I cut a heart out of fabric and taped it on a piece of cardstock.  It’s always nice to go “shopping” around your house when decorating for parties.


Jeanine's shower5


I am obsessed with making fabric banners!  They are fun to make! I just love how festive they are and they add great color to any party!

shower decor


One of the things we did at the shower was write prayers for sweet baby girl on little tags that my friend Jacqueline.  You could hang these up somewhere or just put them in a baby book to look back on and see that your sweet one was covered in prayer even before he or she arrived.

Jeanine's shower2

We also went around and gave advice and encouraged her by affirming all of the wonderful qualities that she and her husband possess that will make them amazing parents.  This was a really uplifting time and it’s always nice to go into motherhood with sweet encouraging words from dear friends.  We ended with praying for this sweet family of three to be!

Jeanine's shower4


Hope you all have a great day!

Signature - Marissa

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