Mar 13 2014

DIY Wood Sign

Hi All!

I want to share with you a project that I have finally completed after almost 2 years!  Yep, it took me that long!  Not because it’s hard or takes that much time to complete, but because I wasn’t sure of the method I wanted to use and I procrastinated.  I had seen various versions of these wood signs on Pinterest and knew I wanted to have one in my son’s nursery before he was even born!  With the help of my husband and father-in-law, I made the wood sign by distressing the wood and nailing it together.  (I will share that tutorial another day.)  That part was really easy.  It was how to write the verse on that had me procrastinating.  I knew the Bible verse I wanted to put on it.  I just wasn’t sure how to go about it.  Then my friend, Jacqueline, made an adorable sign for her home using graphite paper and a saying she printed from her computer.  I had found my method!

wood sign 8

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

wood sign 4



-verse or saying printed on computer paper

-paint (I used white acrylic)

-graphite paper

-scotch tape

-pencil or paint brush

The first step in making your wood sign is to type up the saying or verse on the computer in a favorite font and the size you want it and then print it out.  (I used AR CENA size 54).  Next, put your graphite paper down on the wood where you want your words to be.  Make sure to put it graphite side down.  Lay your computer paper on top of the graphite paper and tape it to the wood.

wood sign 2

Take your pencil and trace over the verse/saying.  The carbon paper will transfer the verse onto the wood.  I just outlined the letters so there was space to paint them in.

wood sign 6


wood sign 5

Next, dip the tip of your pencil into the white paint so the lead is covered in a thin coat of the paint.  Let it dry.  Once it is fully dry, dip it back into the paint and use it as a paint brush.  This was an awesome tip from my friend, Jacqueline, and it worked great for me because my font was somewhat small.  If you use a larger font you could just use a paint brush or foam brush.

wood sign 7

wood sign 9

It’s not perfect, but I like how it turned out and it is a great addition to my son’s nursery!

Do you have a different way to make a wood sign?  I’d love to hear your method!

Have a great day!!

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