Mar 3 2014

Date Night Jar-MOPS craft

Hi Everyone!

My friend Caroline and her husband made a date night jar a while back and I thought it was such a good idea!  They came up with ideas of what they could do and where they could go on dates and then wrote them on craft sticks and put them in a cute jar that Caroling decorated.  Whenever they wanted to go do something fun together they had a whole bunch of ideas that they had already come up with.  So smart!

date night jar

I thought this craft would be perfect to do with the ladies in my MOPS group.  (You can see the last craft we did at MOPS here).  It is very inexpensive and easy to do.

Here’s what you’ll need:



-jar (I got mine at Walmart in boxes of 12 for around $8, but they also sell them individually.)

-wood craft sticks (I got mine for Michaels. They also sell in smaller quantities)


-sharpie (I suggest using the fine point sharpie.  The regular sharpie bled a lot…just make sure whatever you use to test it out, if you care).

-hot glue (optional…I did not use one)

date night jar supplies

Step 1:  First cut a strip of burlap to fit around your jar as wide as you wish.  Then cut a strip of fabric longer than the burlap so that it can be tied in front of the jar and not as wide as the burlap so that you can see the burlap underneath.

Step 2: Hold the burlap in place and tie the fabric around the jar so that it holds the burlap on.  You can use a hot glue gun to hold the burlap in place.

Step 3: Write some date night ideas on the craft sticks.  This might be fun to do with your significant other so that you can both have things that you like in the jar.

date night ideas

And that’s it!  Next time you are ready to go on a date you have plenty of ideas to choose from or you could make it spontaneous and draw one from the jar and go!

date night jar 2

Anyone have any creative date night suggestions?  Please share in the comments!

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