Feb 28 2014

Orange Shakes

Hi Everyone!

I have a very yummy treat to share with you all today!  It is the simplest thing you will ever make!

We have two orange trees in our backyard and we have had a HUGE crop of oranges this year.  We have given lots away, but we still have tons, so we thought why not use them in our favorite meal of the day… dessert!  We decided to make orange shakes!!  They taste so delicious, just like an orange creamsicle, and only have two ingredients!

orange shake2



-Vanilla Ice Cream




To make the shakes first squeeze the juice of two oranges.  Put the juice into a cup along with approximately 3-4 scoops of vanilla ice cream.  To blend I use a hand blender, but you can also use a regular blender.  Blend until mixed and smooth.  Ta Da!  Super quick and easy!  Enjoy!


orange shake


Have a wonderful day!


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