Feb 14 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi There!

Just stopping in to wish you all a…

Valentines DayWe just love this holiday!  What are you all doing to celebrate?  No reservations, don’t like the crowds, no babysitter? No problem!  Grab some take-out and watch one of these romantic movies with your sweetie or a group of your friends!  And of course you must have some yummy dessert, like chocolate covered strawberries!

1. While You Were Sleeping (one of our absolute favorite movies!)

2. Pride & Prejudice

3. One Fine Day

4. Up

5. The Notebook

6. Jerry Maguire

7. Sleepless In Seattle

8. As Good As It Gets

9. Return To Me

10. Safe Haven

Whatever you do, have a wonderful day and make your loved ones feel extra special…remember it’s the little thoughtful things that mean the most (and often cost the least)!

*I just learned how to make a glitter effect in Photoshop and I am having just a little too much fun with it :) as you can see… sorry I couldn’t help myself with this one.  #nerd #lookclosely

Be Mine Valentwine

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