Feb 5 2014

Starting My Garden

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while!  I have missed you all!  Life has been busy and full.  Today I want to share one of my passions with you…gardening!!  I love planting flowers and vegetables.  I am not an expert by any means.  I probably don’t do things the “right” way but I have a lot of fun experimenting and watching my garden grow!  Below is a picture of what my garden currently looks like.  We have 3 raised beds and 2 barrels that I plant in.  My winter crops include 2 different kinds of lettuce, broccoli, onions, beans, peas, and bell pepper.  We also have 2 orange trees and a lemon tree.

winter garden








bell pepper

This is my first time doing winter crops.  It has been so much fun!  The lettuce has been so prolific!  I have enjoyed sharing it with friends and family!  I wish I could bundle one up to give to each of you!

lettuce to share

Yesterday I started my seeds for my spring and summer garden.  My sweet friend Jacqueline bought a bunch of vegetable seeds and let me have some.  I would totally recommend sharing with a friend or friends.  You get a lot of seeds in the packets and unless you have a HUGE garden you probably won’t use even half.  Buying seeds is much cheaper than buying plants at the nursery.  The following is how I planted my seeds.  You may want to do some research to decide when and how to plant yours for your area.

potted seeds 2

I went to Walmart and bought some Jiffy Peat Pots to plant my seeds in.  They were under $2 for 14 of them.  The nice thing about these containers is that they are big enough to let the seed grow for a while and you can plant them right into the ground, pot and all, when ready to transplant!  You could also start your seeds in an empty egg carton, but you may need to transplant the seedlings into a bigger container as they grow before they are ready to be put into the ground.

Jiffy Pots

Fill the pots with dirt and follow the instructions on the seed packets to plant your seeds.  Pay attention to the planting schedule for the zone you live in.  Some also have special germination instructions.

seed packets 2

Make sure to label your pots somehow so that you know what seed is planted in each one.  I just wrote the names in pen near the top of the pot.  Water thoroughly.  I covered mine with plastic wrap to create a greenhouse affect.  The seeds need to stay moist to germinate.  This year I planted seeds for pumpkin, roma tomato, beefsteak tomato, cucumber, yellow squash.  I also plan to do eggplant and corn.

potted seeds


Below is a picture of how last year’s spring/summer garden looked.  We even grew corn!  It was a lot of fun and yummy!

spring garden 2

I decided to also try planting some flower seeds this year.  We’ll see how they turn out!

seed packets

These days gardening is even more fun because I have a cute little helper who loves being out in the yard as much as I do.  It has been so fun watching him explore and “help” mommy in the garden.


I would love for you all to follow me on Instagram as I document my gardening journey!  I am @marissaramsland.

Happy Gardening!

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Update: Oops!  I meant to let you know what seeds I am planting right now for my spring/summer garden.  I have pumpkin, roma tomato, beefsteak tomato, cucumber, yellow squash.  I also plan to do eggplant and corn.  I included this above where it should have been written as well 😉

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