Jan 17 2014

Healthy Substitutions: Small Steps to Healthier Eating

Let me start out by saying that I am no health expert by any means!  But, I want to share some easy food substitutions that are a little healthier and don’t sacrifice taste.  My husband is definitely the more health conscious one out of the two of us.  Over the years he has brought me over to the healthier side (on occasion I pull him over to the dark side to fulfill my junk food cravings!).  This year as I am setting my goals and making new year’s resolutions, I am choosing to be more conscious about what I eat.  Let me be honest:  I don’t think I can completely cut out carbs or my fast food runs, but I’ll work on making small changes where it counts.  If you cut out every unhealthy thing in your diet right away, I think you are less likely to maintain those good habits.  What I am sharing with you today is baby steps towards the right direction!  It’s all about eating things in moderation and keeping an active lifestyle.

Here are a few healthy alternatives that taste great and will help start you on your path to healthier eating.  I know a lot of these may be obvious, but take the challenge with me to make the change!  I actually prefer the healthier alternatives, not just because they are good for you, but I like the taste better!

Healthy Substitutions

Check out some of my recipes that use the above substitutions: like my Chicken Salad served on apple slices versus crackers.


My Chicken & Veggie Naan Flatbread Sandwich where I substitute mayonnaise for hummus and use light balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Chicken & Veggie Naan

Do you have any healthy substitutions or recipes?   I’d love to hear them!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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