Jan 10 2014

Chalkboard Door Menu

I don’t know about you all, but dinner time has always been the hardest part of my day.   Before now, I would get to 5:00, have a crying baby, a hungry husband on his way home, and not know what we were having for dinner!  I decided something needed to change!  That’s when I started meal planning consistently.  Every Sunday (or sometimes Monday morning) I plan what meals I will be cooking for the week and make a grocery list.  I do my grocery shopping on Monday.  Meal planning has helped A LOT!  But I was still running into a problem.  I would write my menu plans for the the week on the back of my grocery list, but I could never find it after I did my shopping.  Grrrr!  I would have to try to remember what I had planned each night for dinner.  So….I decided to make a menu board that I could reference every day.

chalkboard door menu

I decided to use the bottom half as a place to write items that are needed at the store.  Now I have a place to write things quickly when I think of them.  Here’s how to make one for yourself:


-old door (yet another thing we found in storage that my dad had saved.  I’m loving using all these things my dad treasured in my own home.  They remind me of him.)

-chalkboard spray paint

-chalkboard marker


1.  Lay your door on some cardboard outside  away from anything that could get the overspray.

bare door

2.  Spray at least 2-3 coats of chalkboard spray paint and let dry.  (Follow directions on the spray paint can for drying times between coats)

spray painted door

3.  Display indoors and write your menu with your chalkboard marker (erases with a wet cloth).  Make sure you secure it to the wall or put it in a place where small children cannot pull it over on themselves.  You could also hang it on a wall.

chalkboard door menu 5

chalkboard door menu 2


There you have it!  Another easy project that anyone can do!  I love it because it’s cute and it solves a problem!  I also find that we are eating out less which has saved us money. Win win!

You can see other projects that we’ve done that use chalkboard spray paint here and here.

Do you have any meal time tips that have helped your evening run smoother?  I’d love to hear them!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I have a board too that I keep my list on in my pantry. Before I leave to run errands I take a picture of the list with my phone so I have the list handy. This has helped me many times

    Colleen on said:

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