Dec 12 2013

O Christmas Tree: Brings To Us Such Joy & Glee!

Our Christmas tree is like a scrapbook.  Each ornament tells a story and brings back fond memories and reminds me of Christmas traditions.  It is full of ornaments that my husband and I have collected over the years, from my first ornament when I was one years old, to ones I received as gifts every Christmas Eve, to ornaments I bought in college to decorate my dorm room, those that I inherited from loved ones no longer with us, one to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple and finally those my husband and I bought together for our first tree.

Our tree is nothing fancy, but I love it!  It is the centerpiece of our living room during the holidays, and it gives off the best lighting that I wish I could have all year long!  Our tree did not change much from last year.  We still don’t have a tree topper, so I just tied a simple bow in a checkered pattern. I added some frayed burlap ribbon to the ends of some branches to fill in the gaps.

O Christmas Tree



These cute little girlies were my Grandma Mary’s ornaments.  They are my absolute favorite ornaments.  Marissa and I would take turns hanging them on her tree.  Now Marissa and I hang them on our own trees and they remind me of her each time I see them.  Then I think of the story she would tell of one Christmas when she was a little girl and there was a storm and couldn’t get a Christmas tree so they decorated chairs instead!

Snow Girls

I love to mix vintage ornaments with new ones.  These ornaments were my Grammie and Grandpa’s.  They had a TON of ornaments.  My mom and I were just commenting recently that we’ve just recently started to appreciate the beauty of the vintage ornaments.  Every time I hand them on the tree, I think of them and the memories of Christmas Eve with my grandparents eating Tamales!

Vintage Ornaments

Ever since we were little, every Christmas Eve my dad and mom allowed us to open two presents.  One of those presents was always pajamas and the other was a Christmas Ornament.  Year after year, we added to our collection of ornaments that we would one day take with us to our own homes for our own Christmas trees.  My mom is very deliberate in the ornaments she picks them out for us.  She chooses ones reminded her of us in some way like our favorite T.V. Show (I Love Lucy) toy (Barbie) hobby, sports, etc.

Hallmark Ornaments

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we always go to my husband’s grandma’s house.  It’s like a mini reunion with all the relatives on that side of the family.  It is tradition that after we stuff our faces eat, we paint Christmas ornaments.  Aunt Jeanette started this tradition years back when my husband and all of his cousins were just kids, but we still take part as grown adults and its one of our favorite parts of the day.  Each year we have 2 handmade ornaments that we take home to add to our tree.

Ornament Craft

Over the last couple years I have added to my collection of ornaments.  These are some of my favorites.  I purchased them from Target a while back.  I wish they would bring back this collection…I would like to buy more!  I just love the little bird wrapped in sheet music with a touch of glitter.

Ornaments 2

What stories does your Christmas tree tell?  Do you have similar traditions?

O Christmas Tree 2

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