Dec 9 2013

10 Tips To Simplify The Holidays With Marcia Ramsland

The Holiday season can be a stressful time with shopping, wrapping, events to go to, hosting family, and just trying to keep everyone happy!  This year with a very busy one year old I am trying to simplify the holidays.

Today, Alisa and I invited the talented Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, to guest post on ways we can all simplify during this busy season.  She is the author of 7 organizing books including “Simplify Your Life” and  “Simplify Your Holiday Season.”  She is an international speaker, author, and media guest who has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Better Homes and Garden, Woman’s Day, and Real Simple magazines.  She is also a spokesperson for Sam’s Club, and has been on Martha Stewart radio.   And she also happens to be my Mother-In-Law!!



We’re so close to Christmas with so much to do and so little time! I believe with good planning every day and a flexible, thankful attitude, we can handle whatever comes our way. Here are 10 Practical Tips to save you time from my book that’s loaded with more ideas of what to do especially on Christmas Day, Simplify Your Holiday Season.

Simplifying your holiday season is about finding ways to save time and simplify the traditional holiday activities for a smooth, easy flow.

1. Brighten your calendar—and your outlook—with holiday stickers or a red pen marking holiday events.

2. Buy gifts in one major category this year—different sweaters for everyone, appropriate CDs or books for mailed gifts, or personalized restaurant gift certificates.

3. Mark your calendar with two-hour appointments for Christmas preparations such as Thursday bake, Friday decorate, Saturday shop and clean.

4. Enlist a holiday buddy to help you plan, especially one who is better in an area you are weak.

5. When you’re doing the family Christmas card, get an assembly line going. After you have addressed the envelopes, line up envelopes to stuff and stamps to lick for your kids.

6. Shop for convenience, online or at one mall to simplify the abundance of choices.

7. Call or e-mail the person that you just can’t find that special gift. Ask her what she would really like to get this year.

8. Stretch your limited social time by attending a Christmas event and getting together with friends for dinner beforehand or dessert afterwards.

9. Purchase a holiday devotional book or holiday novel to curl up with each night to get you through the season, such as Simply December Devotions: 25 Days to Celebrate the Real Meaning of Christmas.

10. Savor one event or daily conversation by jotting it down in a Christmas journal. Title it “The Best Things that Happened to Me This Christmas.”

Every holiday turns out different in some way—someone moves, someone marries, little children grow up, and older relatives have fewer years ahead of them than behind them. Whatever the situation, I’m confident you can simplify as you prepare your heart and home for Christmas.




A big thanks to Marcia!  Those are some great tips that I hadn’t thought of.  Hope you enjoyed them too and can use them to simplify your holiday season.  You can check out Marcia’s website here

Make sure to check back tomorrow for a Christmas craft idea.   Have a great day!

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