Nov 23 2013

Thankful Printable Featured on {A Thoughtful Place}

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We are so excited to share that our Thankful Chalkboard Printable was featured on A Thoughtful Place Blog earlier this week!  Courtney is one of our favorite bloggers and we have been reading her blog for a while now.  You may remember that we attended her HomeGoods blogger party and had the pleasure of meeting her in person.  We are still pinching ourselves and feel so honored that she enjoyed our printable enough to share with her readers and to frame it in her beautiful home!  If you haven’t already, check out her post and see how she takes time out of her morning to pause and reflect on the blessings in her life.

Many of you have popped over to our blog from Courtney’s.  We are so happy to have you and hope you enjoy reading along!  We look forward to sharing ideas and what’s on our hearts with you.  We hope to get to know you as well!  Leave us a comment and or send us an email.  We’d love to hear from you.  Thank you to all of you for your sweet comments, emails and requests for the printable.  So glad you enjoyed it and excited to hear that many of you have also decided to start a gratitude journal as well.

Thankful Printable

Have a wonderful weekend!  What are all of you doing?  Marissa will be crafting with some girlfriends.  I will be starting on some Christmas crafts as well!  Between you and I, I might even start bringing out the Christmas decor since I’m not hosting Thanksgiving and I just can’t wait one more weekend!  You better believe there will be Christmas music on in the background!


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  1. Congratulations Marissa and Alisa on your Thankful Printable being picked up! And since you love decorating for the holidays, you can get my free downloadable Holiday calendar on the best time to put up and take down decorations. It’s in my Store under Free Resources.

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