Oct 16 2013

Embrace the Camera Challenge Day 5: Faces

Hi Everyone!

I loved Alisa’s take on the Embrace The Camera Challenge!  It was fun looking at some of those old pictures!  So glad we have them!  I thought I would just wrap up the Embrace The Camera Challenge and show all of you my last day of the challenge photo.  I even got my husband in on the challenge!  Actually, I almost forgot about taking a picture on this last day because it had been such a trying day with a sick baby, little sleep the night before, and preparing for a birthday party! Can you tell we were both exhausted!

photo (2)

I am grateful for this picture because it is a reminder that life is not always easy, but we are in this together.

This weekend my son turned one (more on the Brown Bear Brown Bear party on Friday) and after the party my family decided to go out in the backyard and take some photos…you could say we did a little Embrace the Camera session! :)  It was so much fun and we laughed a lot!




These next few you could call “outtakes” but they are my favorite.  I think they capture our personalities and love for each other the best.  I think that’s the story pictures should tell.  It’s not about getting the perfect picture, its about capturing the fun moments with family and friends.




The Embrace the camera challenge was such a fun project for me last week, but more importantly it helped me reflect on my life with my family and commit to embracing the everyday moments we have been given together.

Don’t forget to check back on Friday for a wrap up of my son’s Brown Bear Brown Bear first birthday party!

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