Oct 11 2013

Embrace the Camera Day 4: Creative

I was a little intimidated by the prompt of yesterday’s challenge: Creative.  I felt a lot of pressure to come up with a really amazing picture.  It was too much pressure for a day like yesterday.  It was just one of those days.  I was exhausted and Luke was a hot mess by the end of the day.  I laid down on the floor desperate for him to stop the whining.  As he came over to me I grabbed him up and we cuddled together on the floor for a few sweet moments of peace and quiet.  He just needed me, his mama, to love on him and sweetly kiss his forehead and whisper that I love him.  It is such a gift to be his mom.  I realized that the point of the Embrace the Camera Challenge wasn’t to stress over getting the best picture.  It was to be in the moment and BE in the picture, to have lasting memories of our everyday life together.  Our life is a mix of it all: smiles and frowns, laughing and crying.  I want to remember it all because even in the difficult times there are sweet moments to capture.   I want Luke to look back at pictures and see me in them, loving him through it all.


photo (1)


Happy Friday!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  My little guy is turning one this weekend!  I can’ believe it!  Check back next week to see a wrap up of his Brown Bear Brown Bear birthday party.

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