Oct 10 2013

Embrace the Camera Challenge Day 3

There is always “stuff” to do around my house and it seems like the list just keeps growing.  Now that I have an almost one year old the house is never really clean.  My husband and I are relatively “neat” people and most people would probably describe our house as clean when they come over (That’s just because I do a mad dash right before they come over and I’m really good at the five minute pick up!)  I just pray that they don’t look too close at the broccoli all over my kitchen floor or the crumbs smashed into the carpet or the dishes piled up hidden in the sink.   My days are filled, like many of you, with doing stuff; picking up after my little one, trying to keep the house picked up, washing dishes and washing dishes again (seriously, I think I do dishes like 3 times a day!), cooking, laundry, etc.  I like to be productive.  In fact, one of my strengths is Achiever.  I find a lot of satisfaction in getting things done.  I’ve been challenged lately to slow down and enjoy life with my little guy.  I want to slow down and make memories, to take in and capture the everyday moments we have together.  I want Luke to look back at pictures and see me in them having a great time with him.  The dishes and laundry will always be there, but my sweet boy will only be little for so long.

Meals can be a stressful thing for me.  Figuring our what to make, making it with a fussing baby who just wants to be held, then feeding the fussy baby who throws most of it on the floor, and then scarfing down my own food so that I can attend to the still fussing baby :)  I was reminded on Sunday that meals times are a great way to stop and rest and enjoy a meal with those you love.

For day 3 of the Embrace the Camera challenge by Under The Sycamore and The Anderson Crew the prompt was Everyday Moment.  I chose sharing a meal with my son.  I chose to not let it get me stressed or flustered and embraced the moment.  I am very aware that these times of him sitting in his high chair needing me to feed him will soon be just memories.  I want to enjoy these everyday moments with him and remember them through sweet pictures of us.


Hope you have a great Thursday!

Signature - Marissa


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